Recently I've done a lot of work bringing video streaming capability to several of my sites, most notably, but also and Antelope.CA.US.

QuickTime is the media of choice for these TV channels, and I'm really behind the curve in my knowledge of the format and its capabilities. There's a lot of documentation out there, a lot to digest. Fortunately, my needs have been simple, and I'm able to do some fun things using iMovie and SMIL.

Until I'm able to upgrade to Tiger, I'm unable to use QuickTime 7, and don't want to upgrade to Pro until I do, so as to avoid paying twice.

The focus of software devlopment has been on, but I hope to generalize it enough to bring it to the the sites as well. I'm working on a channel/program model, but may think of other models as well.

[2005/07/08 15:46:20] iTunes 4.9 supports the capabilities of displaying video content, and some development has been done to coin the term "vodcasting" for sending out these streams via podcasts. It works with the SLTV broadcasts, so I will be offering that up as an option in addition to the web page. This is going to be big!

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