Nathan Peck

Nathan was the son of my cousin Debra Epperle Peck. He died in a motorcycle accident.


Nathaniel Walter Peck was born February 20, 1976 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. He died May 16, 2008, in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. From the first moments of his life, we knew he would be different. Everything he wanted to do as a child was very adult, and ahead of his years. He was never satisfied with the usual children’s toys, it had to be the real ones for him, and oddly, he was always capable of handling it. He loved the land, farming, and the natural resources that came from the land, and at extremely young ages, he was able to create masterpieces from wood. He eventually took this talent further to become a very skilled luthier, making highly detailed guitars, lutes and harps. Music was one his greatest talents, and he skillfully played all stringed instruments. He loved to spend his free time working on electronic gadgets for creating his music in his small studio. Nathan was a person of many creative skills and interests, and he was in constant search of knowledge of every kind. He was very manually dexterous, and mechanically inclined, and enjoyed sharing these skills with his family and friends, fixing everything from tractors, to motorcycles and in between. Metallurgy and gemology were also some of his interests, and he worked diligently to figure out how to extract metal from ore, in a small smelter in his backyard. Once he learned something, and mastered it skillfully, he quickly moved on to the next challenge, conquering the next mountain. All who knew Nathan, knew him to be a kind and gentle hearted child and young man, who was always calm in a crisis, and a rock for his family and friends whenever they needed him. Nathan was self-employed, in recent years, operating The Garden at Salee Creek, selling naturally grown vegetables from the family farm. Along with this, he performed mechanic work and dealt in metallurgy, heat treating metal objects for use in industry. It is hard to say what Nathan loved best; he loved everything, and was always open to the next new adventure.

Nathan lived a very full and adventurous life, and accomplished more in his short 32 years, than most people do in a lifetime. He left a legacy of knowledge and love that his family and friends and the family of his future will treasure forever. This unique man was dearly loved by his family and friends and his loss will be felt very deeply.

Nathan is survived by his parents, Neil and Debra Peck, his brother, Nick Peck, and his beloved cat, Wort. He also leaves his future sister in law, Janelle Spencer, Sandpoint, Idaho, Grandparents, Al and Edie Peck, and Melba Epperle, all of Bayview, Idaho. Nathan also has many Uncles, Aunts, cousins and friends who will miss him very much.

Nathan’s family wishes to extend their deepest gratitude to his friends from the Pacific Northwest Riders Group, and to Anthony, at The Helmet Outlet in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, for their compassion at this difficult time.

There will be no formal services. If you would like to contact the family to extend your good wishes, we would welcome and enjoy meeting with you. You may reach the family at: Neil and Debra Peck, P.O. Box 336, Bayview, Idaho 83803, or Nick Peck, P.O. Box 42, Bayview, Idaho 83803

A Village Grieves

A Village Grieves

Monday, May 19, 2008
A Village Grieves
On a very sad note, the Coeur d'Alene Police reported that a motor vehicle/motorcycle accident happened near Cenex on Government Way Friday Night. Killed was Nathan Peck of Bayview. Nathan is the son of Neil and Debbie Peck and the Grandson of Al & Edie Peck. Nathan and his Mom, Debbie, are widely known for the Salee Creek gardens that produce fresh produce and flowers for the area. Nathan was 32 and was riding an almost new motorcycle when a vehicle turned onto the road in front of him. Attempting to avoid the truck, he layed his bike down, but it wasn't enough. The Pecks are long time residents, parts of the family having been here since Bayview was founded at the turn of the last century, in the early 1900's.

Several gravel pits are still owned by members of the family and Neil Peck in manager of Bayview Water & Sewer. Not only does the community grieve for a lost Son, but the loss of the Garden at Salee Creek will be huge to many.