Here's where you can hear "The Difference"

This is listing of all the stations that broadcast "The Difference". If your local AAA station is not listed, call the Program Director and request "The Difference" with Todd Rundgren today!
Flagstaff, AZ                           KZGL-FM (Sunday, 10pm-Midnight)
Fort Bragg, CA                          KOZT-FM (Tuesday, 9-11pm)
Los Angeles, CA                         KSCA-FM (Sunday, 7-9pm)
San Luis Obispo, CA                     KWBR-FM (Sunday, 5-7pm)
Hartford, CT                            WHCN-FM (Sunday, 6-8pm)
Washington, DC                          WWDC-FM (Sunday, 10:30pm-12:30am)
Gainesville, FL                         WRRX-FM (Saturday, 5-7pm)
Jacksonville, FL                        WPLA-FM (Sunday, 9-11pm)
Brunswick, GA                           WHFX-FM (Sunday, 6-8am)
Boise, ID                               KFXD-FM (Sunday, 10pm-Midnight)
Indianapolis, IN                        WTTS-FM (Saturday, 7-9am)
Springfield, MA                         WRNX-FM (Tuesday, 11pm-1am)
Bangor, ME                              WKIT-FM (Saturday, 8-10am)
Portland, ME                            WCYY-FM (Sunday, 10am-Noon)
Portland, ME                            WYCI-FM (Sunday, 10am-Noon)
Cadillac, MI                            WZTU-FM (Sunday, 6-8pm)
Grand Rapids, MI                        WLAV-FM (Sunday, 7-9pm)
Columbia, MO                            KBXR-FM (Sunday, 10am-Noon)
St. Louis, MO                           WVRV-FM (Sunday, 8-10pm)
Norfolk, NC                             WERX-FM (Sunday, 8-10am)
Manchester, NH                          WGIR-FM (Sunday, 10pm-Midnight)
Plymouth, NH                            WPNH-FM (Wednesday, 10pm-Midnight)
Albuquerque, NM                         KIOT-FM (Sunday, 5-7pm)
Angel Fire, NM                          KAFR-FM (Saturday, 10am-Noon)
Roswell, NM                             KSFX-FM (Monday, 7-9pm)
Binghamton, NY                          WKGB-FM (Saturday, 8-10am)
Cortland, NY                            WIII-FM (Saturday, 9-11pm)
Ithaca, NY                              WIII-FM (Saturday, 9-11pm)
New York City, NY                       WNEW-FM (Sunday, 7-9AM)
Cleveland, OH                           WENZ-FM (Sunday, 8-10am)
Portsmouth, OH                          WNXT-FM (Saturday, 10pm-Midnight)
Stillwater, OK                          KSPI-FM (Sunday, 10am-Noon)
Medford, OR                             KBOY-FM (Sunday, 9-11pm)
Philadelphia, PA                        WMMR-FM (Saturday, 6-8pm)
Scranton, PA                            WZMT-FM (Sunday, 6-8pm)
Nashville, TN                           WRLT-FM (Monday, 8-10pm)
Abilene, TX                             KEYJ-FM (Sunday, 8-10pm)
Austin, TX                              KGSR-FM (Sunday, 6-8pm)
Harlingen, TX                           KVPA-FM (Monday, 10pm-Midnight)
Burlington, VT                          WNCS-FM (Sunday, 7-9pm)
La Crosse, WI                           WQJY-FM (Sunday, 9-11pm)
Wausau, WI                              WCCN-FM (Sunday, 6-8am)
Logan, WV                               WLOG-AM (Sunday, 10am-Noon)

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