The "Help"

It's been said you can't get good help these days...

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The "Help"

...but you wouldn't know it from the excellent musicians that have contributed to Ferenzik's two releases. Here's John's own take on his fellow travelers...
John Anthony
One of my oldest friends, going on 25+ years now. He's a widely respected recording engineer in the business, working out of Sigma Sound Studios (The Sound of Philadelphia -- y'know, Teddy Pendergrass, The O'Jays, The Spinners, etc.). I don't know how to sum up this career simply. He's the main (if not the sole) reason why my recordings are mixed so well.
Jesse Gress
Aside from doing the Todd thing, Jesse is the music editor/ contributing writer for Guitar Player Magazine, and you can find many of his guitar transciptions published and available at the book/music store. My favorite book of his is "Guitar Shop" (Jeff Beck).
Van Romaine
Drummer for Steve Morse Band, plays / records extensively in NYC.
Chico Huff
Bass, has played w/ James Taylor, Carly Simon, Livingston Taylor, John Hall (from the band "Orleans"). Check out Chico's own home page.
Andy Kravitz
Drummer extraordinaire, most recently heard playing on Joan Osborne's record, has played w/ Taj Mahal, also engineers / plays on tons of hit records, R&B Rap R&R, you name it...
Steve Beskrone
Bass, currently playing w/ Jazz Guitarist Pat Martino, has played w/ Ray Charles, and done time in Atlantic City w/ everyone from Don Rickles to Charley Callas (I'm not making this up).
Frank Gambale
Guitarist (on "Tropic of Cancer" from WILD MAN OF BORNEO). Toured/ Recorded w/ Chic Corea, Vital Information, (he's played with everybody)
Andy Timmons
Guitarist (on "Annalee's Island" from DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND). Toured / Recorded w/ the band "Danger Danger". Plays / Records /Teaches extensively in Dallas, TX.
Ron Kerber
Saxophonist extraordinare, tours/records w/ the band "Pieces of a Dream".
Daryl Burgee
He's an amazing percussionist, and has played on a ton of R&B records out of Philadelphia. Patti LaBelle, Phyllis Hyman...and many others...(Oh yeah! you can hear him play on a great record. Jef Lee Johnson's "BLUE" -- sort of a jazz-y/hendrix-y record, independent release, but it should be available at major record chains -- a great great guitar record!)
Marc Rubin
He's an old friend who happens to play great guitar. Has also played on many recording sessions, although now he's busy being a family man. I believe he does graphic design/computer programming.
Tom Cohen
Fantastic local jazz drummer (Philly and NYC). Also a neighbor and the owner of a shiny set of drums -- cool guy.
Michele Harron
She's the sexy voice on "Big Numbers", and actually is a great session singer. She has sung backup for the "Chet Bollins Band" and "the Hooters". Plus (and this is important) she's way cool.
And what about the mysterious Evil Jack and Rev. Neil Liszt?
Evil Jack
He's a pseudonym for me when I'm doing miserable sound engineering chores -- like editing leader tape or recording test tones.
Rev. Neil Liszt
Me again. It's a pun on "nihilist". Another alter ego (I hope it doesn't seem too dysfunctional).

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