Chapter 49 2017 - Reunion!

Like his father before him, Hardy Rochester II was a respected journalist. Once only the scion and heir apparent of the I.B.C. broadcasting dynasty, HR2, as he was commonly know about the newsroom, was now in a role that exceeded even his own father’s accomplishments. He had traveled the world over, conducted interviews with most of the world’s leaders and covered nearly every major news story of the past thirty years.

Wars – military coups – catastrophic weather events – famines – genocide – earthquakes – if it was major, then HR2 was on the scene. But despite the enormity of the stories he had covered, none was as personally fulfilling to him as the opportunity to interview the reunited members of Golden Fingers.

Finger Frenzy, as the phenomenon was known, was at its highest the night before the legendary reunion tour was to begin. Heightened security surrounded the hotel where the four friends were sequestered. Without being oppressive, police presence was in full force, and throngs of anxious fans were present, hoping to catch a glimpse of their musical heroes should they choose to exit the building.

The odd juxtaposition of fans in their seventies together with fans barely into their teens made for an amazing sight. Women of all ages swooned at the possibility that their long-gone, but never forgotten idols would soon be performing again.

When HR2 arrived on the scene, he was treated as a rock star as well. It was well known that he would be interviewing the band members, and the crowds shouted out questions they’d like asked. “Tell them to come to Podunk, North Dakota!” one ardent fan yelled out. HR2 acknowledged the fan with a wave and was allowed to pass through the security cordon. Several fans tried to force themselves through with him, but they were successfully repelled without incident.

HR2 was directed to the high-rise elevators and was whooshed up to the 18th floor where each member had been given his own suite. The band members had gathered in I’s suite for the interview.

HR2, the proper, staid and sometimes stone-faced newsman was nervous. As a young man, he had been a big fan of Golden Fingers. He had attended three concerts during their first world tour, but despite his father’s efforts, never had the opportunity to personally meet the individual members face to face.

But the mutual admiration society was not one-sided. HR2 was as well known throughout the world as Golden Fingers, and they in turn had looked forward to meeting him as well.

Introduction and handshakes out of the way, HR2 got down to business.

“It’s been forty-two years since you last played together. How have you prepared for this most momentous of occasions?”

I was the first to respond, “We’ve spent most of the last two years directly preparing for this moment. But, you know, the seeds were sown forty years ago, even as we were breaking up.”

“How so?” HR2 inquired.

Spike took up the question. “It was necessary for us to leave the scene as a group and find what each of us could do individually. I’s choice was to continue in the business, but the rest of us chose to pursue different careers.”

“Popular history records the story differently. Are you saying the split was amicable?”

It was Isaac’s turn to respond, “There were tensions, to be sure, but in hindsight, it was the right thing to do, and the right time.”

HR2 turned to Osgood, “Some say that your contributions were minor compared to the rest of the members. How do you respond to that?”

Osgood put on an offended air. “Minor? Minor? I think the Ozzites would disagree with that assessment!”

“Truly,” he continued, “the keys are a background instrument. I don’t mind playing second fiddle to the others, and sometimes, depending on the synth settings, I am actually playing second fiddle!” The group laughed at Osgood’s joke.

I also came to Osgood’s defense. “Ozzie’s contribution to our sound cannot be underestimated. Without it, there would be a definite emptiness.”

“One final question: What do you think about reunion and the prospects for tomorrow’s first concert in over forty years?”

“That’s easy,” began I. “Only Golden Fingers could play so heavy.”

HR2’s report ran that evening on the 6 o’clock news.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is the six o'clock edition of the I.B.C. News, with Hardy Rochester II, brought to you each evening by Fender guitars. Your local music store will show you their fine selection of Fender guitars, starting at only two thousand dollars. Here’s Hardy Rochester II.

“Earlier this afternoon I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the Golden Fingers rock band, famous for their hits of the nineteen seventies who are reunited tomorrow for the first of ten concerts in Los Angeles. They will play to a capacity crowd of three hundred thousand in the newly remodeled Forum, and are expected to visit their full catalog of classics as well as a few new gems to add to their treasury. The concert is expected to last four hours, although likely it will seem to only be a few fleeting moments. The enthusiasm of the crowds around their hotel this afternoon was but a glimpse of what we can expect as this tour continues to grow.

The group plans to tour the world, playing to an estimated five billion people, through live concerts and closed circuit appearances. The tour, planned to run for two years, will bring proceeds of seventy billion dollars, which will be donated to the Los Angeles Home for Aging Rock Musicians. And that's the six o'clock edition of I.B.C. News. Tune in at seven o'clock for an update of national and world news.”