Chapter 52 2019 - The end of the tour

It was the final show of the tour. The group was back in Los Angeles, and many of the beneficiaries of the shows proceeds were in attendance. The first two rows were a who’s who of rock stars from the fifties and sixties, who had themselves taken advantage of what the LAHARM had to offer. The forum was sold out again, as every venue on the tour had been.

William Graham III was a bit wistful that the tour was at the end. He knew that he would never experience anything such as this again, no matter how long he remained a promoter. He took a peek from backstage and saw the immense crowd, the din from their pre-show conversation rising to almost deafening levels. The anticipation of the band members was rising as well. There were no further plans to continue beyond this night. This was going to be it.

William took a deep breath and ran out on the stage as the house lights dimmed. The crowds cheer when up and his announcement was barely heard.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here they are in their final concert appearance, Golden Fingers!!!!”

The crowd went crazy, and immediately as one, they rushed the stage. I urged them to silence and failing that, began the strains of their classic “Golden Fingers Theme” and continued with staples like “A Most Amazing Man” and “When The Kid Gets Heavy”. They also covered I’s solo material. “Only Golden Fingers Could Play So Heavy” was especially appreciated, and it sounded better than any previous performance. Their closing number, the new song “Reunion Chorus,” encouraged full audience participation. As was their custom, this new song told their personal story.

Back together again
Back together again
When we play, people say that we'll win
Back together again

Back together again
Back together again
We make way to portray all we’ve been
Back together again

World’s together again
World’s together again
All are friends, wars now end we are kin
Back together again

The rocking chorus captured the audience in a sing-along, and was repeat at least twenty times with various solos, pyrotechnics, lights and a whole array of special effects accompanying it.

Normally, that would be the end of the show, but tonight was different. The chorus began to fade out, and one by one, the band members waved goodbye and left the stage, except for I, who remained alone in the spotlight. The house hushed so that a pin dropped would be deafening.

I began to sing softly.

King's don't reign forever, got to die.
Time is short, my river's running dry.
Flashbacks, comebacks, laid-back I is through.
In my life I hope I've entertained you.

And now the time has come
To step out of the light.
The band has all gone home,
Finished for the night.
My reign is through, it's true,
I've reached the end.
But rock will carry on
And goodwill it will send.

The spotlights focused on a mirrored ball, a popular fixture in the seventies, and it shed its light on the crowd.

I began to tear up when, as one, the audience rose and began chanting in perfect four-part harmony their Homage to a King. He wasn’t The King, just a king, but he was their king, for the final time.