Chapter 8 Interlude - December 3, 1953 - Ike

President Eisenhower was a busy man, as any President of the United States would be. One of his pleasures was to keep on top of the news himself, rather than depend on a summary presented by his aides.

He and Hardy Rochester had crossed paths several times during the campaign, and although they did not always see eye to eye, he respected him as a journalist, and liked to tune into the 6 PM I.B.C. newscast. He especially liked the little human interest stories, and his attention was caught by the story unfolding before him.

“And that’s December third. Goodnight!” and the President began pondering the implications of what he’d just seen. He’d had an inkling over that past year that there was something coming, but he’d never been able to put his finger on it. Something big. Something that would change the world. Why did this story strike such a chord with him?

He called in his chief of staff. “Jenkins! Come in here!”

“Sir?” replied Jenkins.

“I need you to arrange a trip to California right away,” he declared.

“Sir?” puzzled Jenkins.

“I’ve just seen a news story that I believe has great implications on the way this country is going to turn.”

“Sir?” inquired Jenkins, yet a third time.

“Just arrange the trip. I can’t explain it, but I need to be in California tomorrow.”