Chapter 9 Interlude – December 3, 1953 - Bert

“My Dearest Elsa,” Albert Einstein wrote as he began another letter to his wife. “I am an old man now, but I’m about to take what I believe to be one of the most important trips of my life. I leave tomorrow for California. I must pull together all my resources and quickly arrive. There is a call, I cannot explain it, but I must follow.”

Bert mused over his words. “Would they say enough?” he thought, “Can I even explain it to myself?”

Rather than continue to muse, he sealed the letter, called for his assistant and asked her to post it right away.

“I am leaving for California in the morning. Please contact the airport and get me a ticket on the earliest flight out,” he told her.

“Where will you be staying?” she asked

“It’s not important. I will arrange for lodging and transportation when I get there. I must leave as soon as possible. It is a matter of great urgency!”

She left, shaking her head. Bert had been known for his eccentricities, but this was more unusual than most. Why the haste? Why the mystery?