Merry Christmas 1993 and Happy New Year 1994!

This is the first time that our family has decided to write a Christmas letter, so we have 17 years to draw upon for our remembrances and anecdotes. However, since we've decided to keep it to a page, we'll try to focus on the last year.

Roger works for the California Department of Water Resources as a computer network specialist and has been there for the last 15 1/2 years. He enjoys his work and plans to retire (maybe?) in another 25 years. Roger finally got what he always wanted this year, his own Macintosh computer (or so he thinks!) Actually, it really does belong to the whole family, but he sometimes shares it. Roger retired, after 6 years, as the local Cubmaster, but is going to be the Scoutmaster of the Boy Scout troop beginning in January. He's also the Chairman of the Board of Business Administration at church.

Cece does not work for a paycheck, but she certainly keeps busy enough that she ought to be earning one! She volunteers a lot of time at Brad's school, working in the library and teaching an after-school science program. She also is a Webelos Cub Scout leader and teaches Sunday School.

Matt is 13 now and is in every way a teenager. He is also nearly the tallest member of the family. At 5'10" he is just barely shorter than Roger, and judging by his size 11 feet, he hasn't stopped growing yet! His favorite pastime is video games, but he sometimes takes time out for school work, and maybe a little too much time learning to play the tenor saxophone. He's a First Class Boy Scout and goes camping every month.

Brad is 10 and also has a good time with video games. He also likes roller skating and bowling, and has had a bit of luck fishing this year. He's a Webelos Cub Scout and is looking forward to joining the Boy Scouts in the Spring.

Oh, by the way, we will probably move soon. The last few months we have been busily preparing our house for sale and have picked out a new house in the Northern area of the county, an area called Antelope Meadows. Our current house is small (839 sq. ft.) so moving up to a 2000 sq. ft. home should be a real treat. We're still waiting for the right buyer to come along, but as soon as they do... we're outta here!

Love, the Linders