Merry Christmas 1995 and
Happy New Year 1996!

Another year has passed, and a record third letter, continuing with the tradition set way back in 1993. It's so easy on the computer, all you've got to do is change the dates!

For the first time in nearly two years, we haven't moved. We're still here in beautiful downtown Antelope, California, and loving it. The community is really growing and new things are popping up all the time. This year we got a new park, wider main roads, some traffic signals and a lot more houses. We're looking forward to a couple of new shopping centers over the next year. Check out the Antelope home pagenext time you go Internet surfing.

And speaking of home pages, Roger's got several on the Internet as well. Drop in at and have a visit. He still works for the California Department of Water Resources as a computer network specialist. He is also the Scoutmaster of the kids' Boy Scout troop and the Chairman of the Board of Business Administration at church.

Cece is working for "The Cookie Jar" in Old Sacramento, a cookie business owned by one of our neighbors. Earlier in the year she worked distributing Yellow Pages directories and telephone books throughout the area. Because of her job, she's not as active as she once was at the kids' schools, but she spent several Saturdays in October and November traveling with the Center High Marching Cougars to various competitions.

Matt is 15, a sophomore, and is driving with his permit. He's active in the Jazz Band and Marching Band at Center High School and plays the tenor sax as well as the bass guitar. He also dabbles a bit with the piano and enjoys composing music on our computer. His school activities take up a lot of time, but still has a bit of time for Boy Scouts, Teen Asylum and thinking about girls.

Brad is 12 and started at Center Junior High this fall. He was awarded an Honor Roll certificate after the first semester, so we're very proud of him. He's taken up the trumpet and is already quite accomplished. He's also in Scouts with a rank of First Class, active with Teen Asylum and enjoys riding his bike in the neighborhood.

Here's wishing you the best of the Holiday Season and all of 1996!