Merry Christmas 1997
Happy New Year 1998!

Time again for our family update letter, continuing with the tradition set back in 1993. And once again, look for the accompanying web page at christmas-1997.html.

Our big news this year is our new pool! Unfortunately, it wasn't completed until mid-October, so we haven't had a chance to use it yet, but next summer, watch out! It's beautiful, and a whole lot less grass to plant and mow!

Roger's in his 20th year at the California Department of Water Resources as a computer network specialist, and expects to call it quits in another 21. He's wrapping up his sixth year as the Chairman of the Board of Business Administration at church and continues as Conference Communicator for Sacramento Conference 8 (the collection of 19 Sacramento-area Lutheran churches). Still spends lot of time surfing, (on the Internet, that is) and hopes to develop a side business creating web pages.

Cece is working as a teacher's aide in the special day class at Center Junior High School here in Antelope. She enjoys working with the children and looks forward to a long association with the school. She collects Barbies and has over a dozen special editions, in their original boxes. She spends a lot of time keeping our house looking nice, and especially likes to decorate for holidays throughout the year. She's also active in a Bible study group at church and was a delegate to the Women of the ELCA convention this year, and went on another women's retreat this month.

Matt is 17 and finally, a Senior! He's active in the Jazz Band and Marching Band at Center High School and plays the tenor sax. He plays bass guitar in the newly formed music team at church each Sunday at a contemporary worship service. He and his girlfriend, Amber, are going with her family to Florida for Christmas, so it will be a little different around here this year. He's planning on attending California State University, Sacramento in the Fall, to major in Music and Computer Science.

Brad is 14 and a Freshman at Center High! He's still playing the trumpet and is also in Jazz Band and Marching Band. He went to summer camp for the first time without Matt or Roger (though his 4th time overall) and achieved his Star rank in Scouts. He was the only one who was brave enough to swim in our new pool, but not for long in the 62 degree water! He's doing well in high school and taking an interesting mix of classes, including drama. Perhaps some day he'll become an actor.

Here's wishing you the best of the Holiday Season and all of 1998!
The Linders

...and Amber, too!