Merry Christmas 2000 and Happy New Year 2001!

The year began for us on a sad note, as Roger’s grandmother, Clara Dado, passed away in January at the age of 95. She was a good soul, and is much missed.

But sorrow turned to joy in April when Cece discovered a long-lost brother. It’s like one of those things you always read about, but it never happens to you. But this time, it did. Back in 1959, Cece’s mom, Gloria Bennett, gave up her fifth child at birth for a privately arranged adoption. It was a pretty hush-hush item, and Cece herself didn’t hear about it until about 10 years ago. Then in April of this year, we got a call from someone who had been doing research on behalf of an adoptee, and believed that we were the family he was seeking. After some confirming information, we were told that Richard Reed, Cece’s long-lost brother, would soon be calling us. Cece was stricken with disbelief, but it all proved to be true, and a whole new part of the family was now found. After many following phone calls and e-mails, we finally got the opportunity to meet Rick, his wife Rhonda and their son Matthew, as they traveled to California from their home in Nampa, Idaho. The reunion took place at the Circus Circus hotel in Reno, Nevada and also included Cece’s sister LaRue Fisher, and her family. After a night’s stay in Reno getting to know the Reeds, we all headed back down the hill for a full family reunion which includng Cece’s other two brothers, Chic and Mike. A great time visiting was had by all.

But the fun was not over yet. After four days in Antelope, the Reed family moved on to visit family and friends in the Modesto area before returning home to Idaho. In the meantime, Roger’s parents were about to begin their great summer adventure, a trip to Sweden. We dropped them off at the airport and they left, along with three of Dad’s brothers, their wives, and a couple of cousins. The next day, Roger, Cece and Brad packed up the car and headed to Idaho, with a stopover in Winnemucca, Nevada, for good measure. Another four days were spent together, which included meeting some of Rick’s adopted family, seeing where he grew up (on Linder Rd. in Kuna, Idaho, no less!), and getting to know them even better. We continued our vacation on to Oregon, where we visited with Roger’s brother Mike and his family, as well as some friends that Roger knew in high school. A great trip!

Summer also gave us the chance to once again attend ToddFest/West, plus a visit to San Francisco to see Todd Rundgren in concert. But it was not an ordinary trip this time, the tickets were free, and we had been given after show passes to go backstage to meet Todd and his bandmates.

Individually, we’ve all had a bit of adventure during the year as well. Roger’s been spending a lot of time organizing his 30 year high school reunion (to be held in July, 2001) and has located (with some help) well over 200 of his classmates. It’s been a particular challenge, as there has not been a reunion since 1981. He’s still playing 12-string guitar and singing with the church’s music team "How Majestic." He also serves on church council as leader for the Ministry of Daily Life, and is a confirmation teacher as well. His long-time boss, John Lane, recently left DWR after 12 years, and his office, the Information Systems and Service Office, is undergoing a major reorganization, so things will be in a bit of a turmoil for the next few months. Still, he loves his job and looks forward to whatever challenges and opportunities await him.

Cece’s an Instructional Aide in the special education unit at Center Junior High and is working with a different teacher this year. She’s got a good class, and is enjoying the activity. She works out daily on our treadmill as she continues to set a good example for all of us on fitness. She is unwavering in her diet and shuns all red meat, as well as pastries and chocolate. She does have a weak spot for Gummi Bears, Jelly Bellies and Twizzlers, though (all fat free!)

Matt, 20, is in his Junior year at CSUS, and began the year majoring in Music Composition. However, he is currently in transition and deciding on a new major. In the meantime, he’s working on completing his General Education units. He continues to play bass on the Church’s music team, but his great love is Silent Horizon, a group he joined a couple of years ago. They play Christian Alternative rock, and appear at various places around town in concert. This summer, they made a trip up to Stevenson, Washington, to play at Tomfest 2000, a Christian rock festival. They’ve recorded a 7 song CD of original music, and even had one of their songs played on the local radio. They have their own web site at He also changed jobs this year, and is working as a teller at the SAFE Credit Union in Roseville. On a less cheerful note, he and his girlfriend of 3 years (the last two being engaged) broke up in April.

Brad, 17, is now a Senior at Center High School, and is in concert band, jazz band, and for the first time this year, concert choir. In addition to playing the trumpet, he also picked up the French horn this year, and plays it in the concert band. Although he’s old enough now, he’s still hasn’t shown an interest in getting his driver’s license, but is satisifed to have a fishing license. He plans to go to American River College after graduation, so he’d better start driving soon! He loves to read, and his favorite TV pasttime is WWF wrestling. At 270, he might want to enter the ring one day himself.

Here’s wishing you the best of the Holiday Season and all of 2001!

The Linder Family