Merry Christmas 2005 and Happy New Year 2006!

This year's big news was the wedding of Matthew and Katherine, which happened on February 5. It was a wonderful occasion, with about 150 in attendance. They spent their honeymoon on a Mexican cruise and now live in Fair Oaks. Matt works at a local Credit Union and Katherine is an assistant director for a local pre-school and part-time nanny. Matt will graduate from Sacramento State University with a degree in Music in December, 2005. Matt celebrated his 25th birthday in March and appeared on "Lutherans ALIVE!", playing saxophone, on December 3.

Brad has been working at a newly opened restaurant in Rio Linda, Dry Creek Station, since January. In addition to busboy work and occasional waiter work, he is now training as a cook. A steak and seafood house, the food is good and we eat there just about every month. Because of his job hours, he took off the semester at American River College and plans to return in the Spring. In May, he celebrated the 22nd anniversary of his Friday the Thirteenth birth on Friday the Thirteenth.

In July, Roger and Cece vacationed in Idaho, visiting with Cece's brother Rick (and wife Rhonda and son Matthew) and Roger's Aunt Melba and cousins Debbie, Patty and Susan, whom he hadn't seen for over 30 years.

Roger brought his "Lutherans ALIVE!" television show to the web (formerly only viewable on local cable) and it's now seen by a potentially worldwide audience ( In September, Roger, Matt and Roger's dad Rudy all appeared on "Lutherans ALIVE!" with Rudy singing and Roger and Matt on guitars. It's show #57, "Welcome" on the web site if you want to check it out. Roger also became a podcaster by distributing audio files from "Lutherans ALIVE!" and "The TR Connection ToddCast." He continues to maintain dozens of web sites on 17 different domains.

Cece participated in "Race for the Cure" and "Run to Feed the Hungry," 5K charity fun runs (but she walks) and exercises regularly at Curves, where she achieved the 500 visit landmark during the year and was awarded a nice denim jacket with the Curves logo. She continues her work in the Center school district, where a new middle school has been built, and she will be moving to the new location in January. The former Center Junior High School is now called Wilson C. Riles Middle School.

The Linders wish you the best of this holiday season, and hope that you have a great 2006.

Best wishes to all from Roger, Cece and Brad Linder.