Too many people have cried for the visionaries who
Lost their eyes.
Too many people were tried for audacity to critisize.
Arrogate power's callous fang preys thirsty for helplessness.
Arrogate power will hang by it's own rope of selfishness.

We cut through the thornstring, crawl through the wood,
Forging ahead in the night.
We scale over parapets and blast through the gates.
The wicked king's castle is burning.

The townspeople gather in the flatlands to see
A sun rising up in the night.
In the commotion, they just can't believe their own eyes.
With hope in their hearts, they point while shouting
"High, high,high... there's fire on the mountain!
High, high,high... fire on the mountain...
Liberation underway!"
Pocket of ingress unfold surrounding the mountain crest,
Battlements are taking hard blows as we close in
On the sinister nest.
Servants will join us, quislings will run
When we penetrate the summit inside.
This twisted imperial arena is foiled.
The wicked king's castle is burning.
No longer will dissidients be locked in black holes,
Chastised by regal deceit.
No longer will barbarous facism reign.
The time has come to blow this mountain high, high, high!
"Quiet!", the captain said.
"Let the royal guard pass - the traps are set.
Make a gymnasium in your head -
You've got to stay mentally fit for the siege ahead."
We burst into quarters of all the kings men,
"And look who's here hiding inside..........
You're heinous, your highness, and you're under arrest!"
The voice of the land can raise it's sabres high, high, high
To the fire on the mountain!
High, high, high, high, high, .... fire on the mountain!
High! High!
We're taking them away!

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