Skippin' along, my happy shoes are a' cruisin',
Whistling a song, no one today is usin' me.
Among streetside stands and coffee shops I will wallow,
I buy some balloons and children start to follow me.

Show me something I can contemplate,
I've got the whole day to celebrate
Around and through Lazy May Avenue.
Farmer Pickens  - he's always juggling peaches,
The Seashell Girl meditates while she teaches her trade. ("Hello Shelley!")
Barefoot Rosey -- she's always blowin' bubbles,
The ice cream man is selling lots of doubles today.

I bought some colours at the rainbow store,
And when they're gone I'm gonna buy some more
Around and through Lazy May Avenue.

I've got a pocketful of good intentions,
I've got a mindful of new inventions.
Some passerby just casually mentions...
"There's a crowd at the Lazy Fair - 
Your dimension might do well there."

Admiral Rain shoots water on our faces,
The Queen of Cats will always scratch your back for free.
The Clown Parade goes marching with their noise toys,
Major McCloud always saves a kite for me.

I like the method to the madness here,
Just put your sneakers into second gear...
C'mon let's do Lazy May Avenue.

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