He's a businessman, a doctor, and a cop,
A counselor, and a mailman.
He's an architect, a soldier, and a jock,
Politician, and a salesman.

He likes to see the ladies strike a pose
In tantalizing clothes.
But he's not one of those "psychopathic weirdo crazies".
He just likes aggressive ladies.

So, hey baby - Swing that purse around and `round,
He likes nasty girls! (Hey boys - what does he like?...
"Nasty girls!")
Purr like a kitty cat - say "meow"...
He likes nasty girls! (Let me hear it again, boys...
"Nasty girls!") ...But he can't have mine. No, no, no.

He's a family man, respectable and clean,
A law-obiding citizen.
He thinks he's .007 in his dreams,
He's even a vegetarian. (...well, kind of)

He likes his women strikingly exotic,
Teasingly erotic,
Mischievously sleek.
Serve a craving to his penchant!
I think you'll like the attention.

Swing that purse around and `round,
He likes nasty girls! (I wanna hear an echo, boys...
"Nasty girls!")
Purr like a kitty cat - say "meow"...
He likes nasty girls!...But he can't have mine.

She's provocative, professional with class,
Not exploitable - so there now!
There's just a naughty little girl behind the glasses,
She likes to let her hair down.

Businesswomen, models, clerks, and bakers,
Busy homemakers,
Schoolteachers, and Queens,
Counselors, doctors, maids, and nurses,
People sitting in your churches.
Swing that purse around and `round,
We like nasty girls! (Say what do we like?... "nasty girls!"
Purr like a kitty cat - say "rrrouwrrr"...
Nasty girls!	(You naughty little nasty girl !")

When you talk that walk and walk that talk,
I just can't hide it`cause you get me so excited.
When you start that bumpin', we're gettin' into somethin'.
When you gave me that look - that's all it took.

I fall into a trance when you do your dance,
I get mesmerized by your bedroom eyes.
I like your package - I can read sign language.
When your finger says "come here", I read you loud and clear.

I can't get enough when you start that stuff.
You buckle my knees, you aim to please.
I'll be stayin' up late, cause baby, you're great!
I like the things you do and I wanna do you.

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