I don't have no poster on the wall,
No blood money on my head.
They just don't like me in your town,
But I ain't exactly leaving just yet.

My only crime is wanting you,
And your daddy's boys won't let that be.
`Cause they all know you want me too
And that's why they're all after me.

`Cmon, let's...
Saddle up the horses
`Cause down around the bend
The posse's gettin' closer...
But we'll be gone by then.
I'm stealing your heart tonight.

The challenge here of course is 
The loving on the run,
Sojourn in  the sunset,
But honey, ain't that half of the fun?
I'm stealing your hear tonight,
I'm stealing you heart.

Gotta keep my eyes behind my back
And I gotta keep you close at my side.
The friendly wind, rain and snow
Will cover up our tracks as we ride.

Someday we'll settle down somewhere,
Someplace we'll make a final stay... (somewhere, someday)
So c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, momma...
It's time we make our getaway.

Through the colour feast of autumn to spring
We'll catch the seasons changing nature's art.
Heaven's decorations at night
Bring future days where just like from the start
I'll still be stealing your heart.

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