(And the Captains said:)
  "Come, behold Vexlin in his pillory,
  Bring tomatoes, eggs and old ragout.
  We'll leave him here for a few days,
  Let the animals lick the residue.
  Now the soil returns to those who work the land
  And those who suffered through the plight.
  Now the torch is passed to those who understand
  Why the sun came out at night.
  Don't let temptation take focus from your needs
  When the money comes out right.
  There'll be time enough for cheers and revelry
  When the money comes out right.
  When the money comes out right,
  There'll be dancing in the streets.
  Make your destiny your challenge
  For a better life with better health.
  Harmony and flags fly in the balance.
  Pay attention to the commonwealth.
  Pull together with your hands and with your hearts,
  Let your ballots be your might.
  Hark! The preacher says there's a place inside the light
  Where it always comes out right.
  But there's a world you must attend to now
  When the money comes out right."
And I'm thinking of warmer places now
When the money comes out right.
When the money comes out right.
I hear her calling in the western wind.
- (The Celebration)
North and south, the chimes ring out.
East and west, it's the Freedomfest!
I strum while Jango bangs his drum,
Here comes Ol' Peg Leg with a bottle of rum!
- (Ol' Peg Leg Does a Merry Dance)

- (The Celebration Continues)

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