Holiday Entertainment

Table Topics #2 - December 21, 2006

Table Topics - Holiday Entertainment
Toastmasters Club #2370
December 21, 2006

I was surprised to learn that there are entertainment acts performing at the Sacramento International Airport this year.

    1. Where would you consider an unusual location for live Holiday Entertainment?

The Nutcracker Ballet is a popular attraction this time of year.

    2. As a lead dancer in the ballet, with rehearsals and two performances daily, when do you find time to shop?

"It's a Wonderful Life" is a popular Holiday Entertainment tradition.

    3. How would the world be different if you'd never been born?

As a child, my family would annually take the trek to Downtown Sacramento to see the animated storefront Christmas Displays.

    4. What early family holiday memory do you recall fondly?

Holiday Music is everywhere from mid-November 'til Christmas.

    5. Do you enjoy Holiday music throughout the season, or does it get old by the day after Thanksgiving?

My December calendar fills up fast.

    6. You've been invited to three holiday parties, all occurring on the same evening. How do you cope?