Episode 27: "Gosh, It's Hot!"

This week we celebrate summer on THE DIFFERENCE with that most famous of beach-combers, CHRIS ISAAK. Chris gets to run around the beach all the time in his videos, so we hosed him down, got the sand off his feet, and hauled him and his whole band into our studio for a fantastic live set featuring music from his new album "Forever Blue."

Speaking of blue, there's a lot of crying going on this week, from the likes of TANITA TIKARAM, THROWING MUSES and ROY ORBISON... We'll also catch up with JOHN PRINE, who grants us a rare insight into his career and plays new music from his album "Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings."

Also this week: THE JAYHAWKS, SOUL ASYLUM and PETE DROGE pay homage to Gram Parsons with some spectacular in-studio performances. THE WOLFGANG PRESS rest up after their recent tour by stripping down their biggest hit in our studio. We'll hear from CHRIS DUARTE and ROBERT CRAY, plus the patented DIFFERENCE mix, with music from BLUES TRAVELER, KATE BUSH, RICHARD THOMPSON and more!

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