THIS WEEK ON THE DIFFERENCE (airs 10-16 July 1995)

FRIENDS was the breakout hit of the 94-95 TV Season, and we know two good reasons why. They're THE REMBRANDTS, and they'll drop by THE DIFFERENCE this week to tell us about their strangest tour experience. Plus, they'll even perform a song that made them popular long before Marcel the monkey stole the show...

Multiple Choice Time: BILLY PILGRIM is... a) a fictional character, b) a singing duo from Atlanta, or c) all of the above? We'll give you a few seconds...

In the meantime, tune in this week for in-studio performances from MATTHEW SWEET, DAVID BYRNE, STEVE FORBERT and JOAN OSBORNE... and a mighty mix of music from the likes of RAY CHARLES, THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, VIGILANTES OF LOVE, VAN MORRISON, THE BEATLES, COLLECTIVE SOUL and GENERAL PUBLIC!

Now the answer... it's C! BILLY PILGRIM play for us and tell us how (and where) they became a singing duo who take their name from a Vonnegut novel.

All that, plus the wit and wisdom of your venerable host TODD RUNDGREN... this week on THE DIFFERENCE!

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