#35: airs 28 August - 3 September 1995

Bring your passports... we'll visit with two of the world's premier singer/songwriters this week on THE DIFFERENCE!

First up, from our neighbor to the north, we'll explore the career of BRUCE COCKBURN. While comfortably sitting at "cult" status here in the States, this Canadian artist is an influential songwriter and activist who's traveled the globe and inspired more than his share of fellow musicians. But who inspired HIM to pick up his first guitar? And what are the albums that live in HIS disc changer? Bruce answers those questions for us, and plays a few of his own compositions for us on the next episode of THE DIFFERENCE.

Then, it's off to the United Kingdom for a visit with PAUL WELLER. Paul made his name as the front man for The Jam and The Style Council. His synthesis of British punk rock with American Blues and Roots made him a forerunner to today's hit sounds. And with his third solo album recently under his belt, Paul has established himself as much more than a "front man." Paul performs for us and talks about where his music comes from, and what it's done to those who love it...

PLUS! Classic tracks from THE CALL, STEELY DAN, THE GODFATHERS, THE ROLLING STONES, BOB MARLEY and many more, delivered to your ears by the one and only TODD RUNDGREN.


NEXT WEEK... A very special mini-concert from GRAHAM PARKER, some movie music from THE INNOCENCE MISSION, rollin' around in the studio with Scotland's DEL AMITRI, and plenty more!

AND IN THE NEAR FUTURE... JAMES McMURTRY muses on the state of the in-store performance... KRIS KRISTOFFERSON tells us about breaking into the music business the hard way... MATTHEW SWEET explains his life's defining moment... "Duck and Cover Day," featuring in-studio renditions of your favorite tunes as performed by the likes of JILL SOBULE (and Friends), NICK LOWE, HAPPY RHODES, MELISSA ETHERIDGE, LIVE and many more!

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