Stina Lisa Bengtsdotter

Born in 1819, mother to Karl Fredrik Andersson (Charles Frederick Linder).

In a communication from a descendant of the incorrect 1835 Stina (with corrections and edits):

I have found the church book for Ransberg parish where Karl Fredrik Linder is said to emigrate to Amerika in April 1882. His mother was born 1819, so it is not the same person as "our" Stina Bengtsdotter, who was born 1835. I have tried to follow her life, but I cannot find where she is moving after working as a maid in Kroppstad farm in Ny parish in 1856. Stina Lisa's father Bengt Andersson Hjort has an interesting note that seems as he had been a soldier. In the beginning of 19th Century, Sweden was in war with Russia, that's when we lost Finland. Sweden has not been in war since then. It is hard to read but I think Bengt Andersson is said to have participated in the Russian war and also in Norway.