Thursday is Starbucks Day.

Maybe that should be Friday, with Battlestar Galactica and all.

Actually, Cece and I have a tradition of usually going to Starbucks on Thursday nights. It's fun to get out and lately we've been going to other Starbucks than the local one in Antelope.

The funny thing is, neither of us like coffee.

Cece usually orders a Vanilla Latte, decaf. I order some variant of Chai or Green tea. Tonight, I plan to order the new green tea shaken lemonade.

This brings to mind an anecdote about a previous visit to Starbucks, and why we started checking out other Starbucks.

About mid-July, I saw a billboard for the limited time offer of a Green Tea blended creme. I had to have one. It was a Saturday, but we made an exception, and visited the Antelope Starbucks. I asked for the new drink, only to find that the were out of "UBB" whatever that was, and they couldn't make one.

Still needing to have one, we decided to visit the one on Pleasant Grove in Roseville. They were able to make it, and the place was a lot less busy that the Antelope one. Turns out UBB is Universal Beverage Base, needed for all blended creme drinks.

As for today, we ended up going to the Starbucks in Stanford Ranch. Brad went with us.