Dados in Whiting, Indiana

A branch of the Dado family settled in Whiting, Indiana (near Chicago). Trying to find the common ancestor. Much of the information initiates from a set of index cards maintained by my grandmother. A handwritten note gives addresses for Frank Dado (1429 Frishrutp, correctly spelled Fischrupp)[Primary Frank Dado], Andrew M. Dado (1625 Cleveland) (2nd Cousin)[Son of Martin P. Dado], Joe Dado (1318 Fred St)[Son of Martin P. Dado], and Mrs. F. Dado (1521 John St.)[Possibly Daughter-in-law of Primary Frank Dado] all of Whiting, Indiana.

Theresa, Frank and Martin Dado were siblings and the assumption is that their father would be Sam Dado's brother. Steve Dado is much older, and is not their father. Perhaps he's their uncle, and possibly another brother to Sam Dado.

Other associated names are Fr. Joseph B. Hajduch (Roman Catholic priest, indicated as a cousin, Amery, Wis., formerly of Whiting, Ind.), along with brothers Andrew Hiduke (Deputy Chief Probation Officer, Juvenile Court, Hammond, IN), Richard C. Hajduch, David A., Jerome J.[All grandsons of Theresa Dado Kovacik] On the reverse side of the card with Hajduch information (which ends in (over)) there is an address for Frank Zeller (crossed out). Handwritten on the remainder of the card are notations:

Brothers: Paul, Whiting (Two generations of Paul Hajduch does show up in searches)
John, Griffith (John Hajduch does show up in searches for Griffith, IN)
Frank, Slovakia
Ambrose, Slovakia

Sister: Mrs Anna Sulova, Slovakia

They are brothers and sister to Andrew J. Hajduch, Sr.

Whiting relatives, first generation


Obituary References

Hammond Indiana Public Library has an index of

Obituaries that is searchable at as well as Family Announcements.

Using in Google Search, the following have been found.

Surname Given Age Date Page Maiden NoteBranch
KovacikTheresa (Mrs.)
June 25, 194216

Theresa Dado Kovacik
DadoMartin P. (Sgt.)

Martin Dado
DadoStephen (Sr.)

Steve Dado
ZrnichikSophie 65 May 15, 1949 2

Sophie Dado Zrnchik
DadoAnna 847/25/195224
DadoMartin 6112/8/195216

Martin Dado
DadoStephen J.

Frank Dado
KovacikJohn, Sr. 87 1/19/1958B-3

Theresa Dado Kovachik
DadoHelen 585/29/1963B-3
KontolJohn 4110/25/1967A-7
BalogAnna R. 6710/5/1965B-10 Dado
DadoJoseph R. 4910/29/1968B-6
DadoAlice M. 569/26/1976A-87
DadoFrank J. Sr. 8810/14/1976A-53
PuplavaFrank P. Sr. 881/10/1978A-5
PuplavaMary Veronica 893/19/1978A-72 Dado
PuplavaRobert T. 394/3/1978A-23
DadoKatherine M. 863/18/1980B-4
DadoFrank B. 706/29/1984A-8
DadoMary 723/25/1984B-12 Veslocki
DadoSteve J. Sr. 667/23/1984B-6
KontolEmelie I. 672/5/1984D-3
BornejkoNan 761/4/1985A-6 Dado
DadoJune E. 673/2/1988C-5
Smitka Amelia D.
7/20/1989 C-4 Wysocki
DadoAnn B. 7711/28/1989C-6 Hmurovic
DadoAndrew M. 695/26/1990B-3
BaranowskiAnne P. 705/24/1998B-4Dado
DadoTony C. Sr. 779/5/1999C-6
DadoSylvia G. 8511/3/2000E-2 Majkowski
SteinhilberMary G. 771/30/2000C-8 Dado
DeLaneyBarbara J. 716/24/2002D-5 Dado Full name Barbara J. DeLaney Lowe
FriantCatherine A. "Cindy" 616/10/2003E-5 Dado
DadoJohn R., Sr. 926/10/2004E-4
DadoMary R. 914/21/2006B-4 Orlando
DadoStephen J. 631/6/2009C-3
Picture included
DadoMary "Mom" 8812/10/2010B-7
Picture included
DadoGayle D. 6310/3/2011B-2 Gyure
DadoJoseph A. 819/23/2012C-3
HidukeCarolyn Jean 9010/12/2012D-2
KuvaFrances Katherine 712/9/2013D-6 Dado

Find A Grave

John Dado

16 June 1889 in Chota, Arva Megyo, Hungary. Most likely Horna Lehota
529 Front, Whiting, IN in 1917

Joseph Dado

20 February 1882 in Austria Hungary
408 Center, Whiting, Ind in 1918 Nearest relative - Mrs. Katrina Dado, Arva Megge, Pribis, Austria

Joe Dado

24 June 1893 Prebis, Austria-Hungary 436 Center, Whiting, IN

Mary Dado

SANUSKY, MARY (child of MARY DADO (mother) who was born in CZECHOSLOVAKIA and JOHN MORES who was born in CZEKOSLOVAKIA) was born 5 Sep 1918 in IN;; died 26 Sep 1949 in SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, ARIZONA, U.S.A.. 1,115,329

Other Dado

From Marriage Book Index, 1837‐1920 Lake County, Indiana
Bk#Pg#Lic #Appl RecGroom's L NameG 2nd SpGroom's F NameGroom's AgeBride's L NameB 2nd SpBride's F NameBride's AgeAppl DateReturn DateMarr DateMarrying OfficialTitleClerkMisc Notes
Anna R.
08/13/192608/27/192608/23/1926Lach, John J.RevJohn KilligrewR. C., Whiting

Ernest L. Shortridge
01/24/191302/11/191302/04/1913Rajcany, BenedictRevErnest L. Shortridge

Naturalization Images

Susan Dado Tryol

Identified as "sister Mrs. Susan Tryol" to Theresa Dado Kovacik, Martin Dado, Frank Dado and Mrs. Sophie Zrenchik and living in Europe in 1942.

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