Thomas and Carrie Anderson

Thomas Andreas Anderson

My great-grandfather. Born in Telemark fylke, Norway on Nov. 4, 1872. He died in San Francisco, California on 1 June, 1954.

[Bio written by Barry Anderson, with minor edits]

In 1888 (aged 16 years) Thomas went to sea on the 3 masted barque "Bravo" where he spent 2 years, sailing to Brazil twice. He then served on the steamboat "Victoria" for a year, then on "Lionel" for nearly a year. He left Norway March 3, 1893 on the "Bertha" bound for USA, arriving there March 20, 1893. He lived in Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota in the Central North USA until moving to California in 1925. He worked as a stevedore on the San Francisco docks for about 2 years, until he got a deck hand's job on the San Francisco Bay ferries. This job lasted until 1937 when the 2 bridges took the work away from the ferries and he was dismissed. His next work came in 1942 when he worked in a shop making hand trucks & wheel barrows, etc.

Naturalization reference for a person of the same name is found at Minneapolis Naturalizations, 1890-1965 Anderson Thomas Andreas Norway 5/1/18 Petition Vol 10 (1918-1919) 82