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Joannes (John) Degyo

Posted: Tuesday, July 21, 2020
Modified: Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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    Index to ancestors of
    1. Muriel Laverne Dado Linder

    This index will make it slightly easier to navigate my notes (the initial number is the Ahnentafel number.)
    1. Father - Joseph H Dado
    2. Mother - Clara Thorissa Anderson
    3. Grandfather - Simon Dado
    4. Grandmother - Pearl Varhol
    5. Grandfather - Thomas Anderson
    6. Grandmother - Carrie Thompson
    7. Great-Grandfather - Joannes (John) Degyo *
    8. Great-Grandmother - Anna Cucvara *
    9. Great-Grandfather - Andrew Varchol
    10. Great-Grandmother - Anna Szarics
    11. Great-Grandfather - Olaf Anderson/Anders Olsen Briskodden
    12. Great-Grandmother - Annie Olson/Anne Olsdatter Farsjø
    13. Great-Grandfather - Arne Thompson
    14. Great-Grandmother - Eli Eriksdatter Aaberg
    15. Great-Great-Grandfather - Petrus Degyo *
    16. Great-Great-Grandmother - Anna ? *
    17. Great-Great-Grandfather - Daniel Cucvara
    18. Great-Great-Grandmother - Anna ? *
    19. Great-Great-Grandfather - Nicholas Varhol
    20. Great-Great-Grandmother - Anna Boris
    21. Great-Great-Grandfather - Joannes ?? Szarics *
    22. Great-Great-Grandmother - Unknown
    23. Great-Great-Grandfather - Ole Olson
    24. Great-Great-Grandmother - Anne Andersdatter
    25. Great-Great-Grandfather - Ole Nilsmundsen Farsjø
    26. Great-Great-Grandmother - Asborg Thomasdatter Våje
    27. Great-Great-Grandfather - Tosten Anderson Udgaardsbratten
    28. Great-Great-Grandmother - Anne Amundsdatter
    29. Great-Great-Grandfather - Erik Andersen Aaberg
    30. Great-Great-Grandmother - Kari Hansdatter

    * Assumed

    Joannes "John" Degÿo

    It appears that the family name in Slovakia was Degÿo, which has various forms such as Dedyo, Dado and possibly Dedjo.

    Son of Petrus Degyo, Married 7 November 1842 to Anna Chuchvara (daughter of Daniel Chuchvara)

    FamilySearch has a Joannes Degÿo born to Joannes Degÿo and Barbara Varholik (also Warholik) born in 1830 in Zborov, Bardejov, Slovakia. Timeline-wise, this adds up, and there are several siblings. I'm making an assumption that this is the family line, hoping that by documenting it here, the information will be retained and eventual proof will emerge. However, other documentation seems to indicate that this ia not the same Joannes.

    NAMESacramentDateSpouse/NotesMaternal ParentsPaternal ParentsVillage/House (female/male)Page #CommentsBook

    Degyo,Joannes 45yoD11/26/1841tenant

    Degyo,JoannesM11/7/1842Anna ChuchvaraDaniel ChuchvaraPetrus DegyoKomlosa/Komlosa201/266Stephanius Zbihlej/Nicolaus Michalcsin/Michal PiddanyB1
    Parascevia TimoJosephus DegyoKomlosa157/266Nicolaus Juricsko/Anastasia KorbaB1
    Degyo,Joannes 68yoD10/28/1843commoner

    Degyo,Joannes 50yoD12/13/1870

    Komlosa 82249/266
    Dedyo,JosephusM10/22/1827Paraskevia Timo (virgin)- wife of a sheephearderStephanus TimoJoannes Dedyo (dead)Komlosa/Komlosa193/266Micahel Tkach/Joannes Guzy/Anastasia MatusB1
    Dedyo,JoannesM11/16/1829Julianna LyoszJosephus LyoszJoannes Dedyo (dead)Charne/Komlosa194/266Petrus ?/Joannes ?/Maria DzubakB1
    Degyo,Juliana 4moD3/28/1842

    Joannes DegyoKomlosa229/266
    Degyo,JoannesM11/7/1842Anna ChuchvaraDaniel ChuchvaraPetrus DegyoKomlosa/Komlosa201/266Stephanius Zbihlej/Nicolaus Michalcsin/Michal PiddanyB1
    Anna ChuchvaraJoannes DegyoKomlosa161/266Petrus Russinyak/Maria TirkoB1
    Chuchvara,JoannesM10/20/1845Maria GuzyGeorgius GuzyDaniel ChuchvaraKomlosa/Komlosa203/266Joannes Tarasar/Ivan Szarics/Lesko
    Anna ChuchvaraJoannes DegyoKomlosa166/266Pantaleimon Michalcsin/Anna RussinyakB1
    Degyo,Theodor 2yoD3/9/1859

    Joannes DegyoKomlosa 82243/266
    Anna ChuchvaraJoannes DegyoKomlosa 82185/266Alexi Jaroscsak/Maria MichalcsinB1
    Anna ChuchvaraJoannes DegyoKomlosa 82257/266Alexius Jaroscsak/Maria MichalcsinB1
    Degyo,Stephan 23yoM10/30/1871Anastasia Paulis 21yoBasili Paulics ( dead)Joannes Degyo ( dead)Komlosa/Komlosa 8284/388Alexi Hudak/Lucas Varjan/Fedor DinisB2
    Demko,Simeon 24yoM5/19/1872Anastasia Degyo 20yoJoannes Degyo ( dead)Joannes Demko ( dead)Komlosa 82/Komlosa 4885/388Alex Jaroscsak/Luka VarjanB2
    Degyo,Petro 23yoM2/20/1876Maria Paulis Degyo 34yo widowwidow of Nicolaus DegyoJoannes DegyoKomlosa/Komlosa 87 ?88/388Lesko Jaroscsak/Ivan ChomaB2