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Arne Thompson

Posted: Friday, May 23, 2014
Modified: Thursday, April 28, 2022

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    Index to ancestors of
    1. Muriel Laverne Dado Linder

    This index will make it slightly easier to navigate my notes (the initial number is the Ahnentafel number.)
    1. Father - Joseph H Dado
    2. Mother - Clara Thorissa Anderson
    3. Grandfather - Simon Dado
    4. Grandmother - Pearl Varhol
    5. Grandfather - Thomas Anderson
    6. Grandmother - Carrie Thompson
    7. Great-Grandfather - Joannes (John) Degyo *
    8. Great-Grandmother - Anna Cucvara *
    9. Great-Grandfather - Andrew Varchol
    10. Great-Grandmother - Anna Szarics
    11. Great-Grandfather - Olaf Anderson/Anders Olsen Briskodden
    12. Great-Grandmother - Annie Olson/Anne Olsdatter Farsjø
    13. Great-Grandfather - Arne Thompson
    14. Great-Grandmother - Eli Eriksdatter Aaberg
    15. Great-Great-Grandfather - Petrus Degyo *
    16. Great-Great-Grandmother - Anna ? *
    17. Great-Great-Grandfather - Daniel Cucvara
    18. Great-Great-Grandmother - Anna ? *
    19. Great-Great-Grandfather - Nicholas Varhol
    20. Great-Great-Grandmother - Anna Boris
    21. Great-Great-Grandfather - Joannes ?? Szarics *
    22. Great-Great-Grandmother - Unknown
    23. Great-Great-Grandfather - Ole Olson
    24. Great-Great-Grandmother - Anne Andersdatter
    25. Great-Great-Grandfather - Ole Nilsmundsen Farsjø
    26. Great-Great-Grandmother - Asborg Thomasdatter Våje
    27. Great-Great-Grandfather - Tosten Anderson Udgaardsbratten
    28. Great-Great-Grandmother - Anne Amundsdatter
    29. Great-Great-Grandfather - Erik Andersen Aaberg
    30. Great-Great-Grandmother - Kari Hansdatter

    * Assumed

    Arne Thompson

    My great-great-grandfather

    Born Arne Tostensen Andersen 16 June 1850 in Ostmarken, Kongsvinger, Norway, died August 12, 1922 in a train vs. truck railway accident.

    He and Eli came to the US around 1879/1880 into Boon Co., IL and later moved to Hamline CO, SD.

    He is buried in the Swedish Lutheran Church Cemetery in Annandale, MN.

    Norwegian Census 1865 - These bear further exploration

    The Train Accident

    Duluth Herald
    Presumably arrived in the United States around 1880-1882, according to inferred census records of his daughter, Carrie.

    Andrew Rudd Thompson

    Andrew and Tillie Thompson
    Born: 11 November 1872 in Norway
    Baptised: 08 Dec 1872
    Died: 1 December 1952 in Minneapolis
    Spouse: Tillie born May 1872 in Iowa died 5 March 1960.
    Married Matilda C. Linquist on 30 Dec 1897 in Iowa, daughter of Jonas Linquist, Hannah Carlstom.

    Minnesota, Deaths and Burials, 1835-1990

    Family Tree

    • Andrew Rudd Thompson
      • Spouse: Matilda C. "Tillie" Lindquist
      • Son: Elroy Thompson
        • Spouse: Anna Margaret Sather
        • Daughter: Lois Virginna Thompson Johnson
          • Spouse: Edward Harold Johnson b. 8 November 1910, d. 13 December 2002
          • Son: Randall Elroy Johnson (November 1946)
            • Spouse: (Mary P. Forsythe) (Polly)
            • Daughter: Kerith A. Johnson (27 September 1980)
              • Spouse: Daniel Stevens
              • Daughter: Linnea K. Stevens
              • Daughter: Kaisa
            • Daughter: Kristen E. Johnson
          • Son: Craig Edward Johnson (9 February 1949)
            • Spouse: Darlene Divorced: September 1979
            • Son: Kyle Adam Johnson
                Spouse: Ann?
          • Son: Kevin Bruce Johnson (5 June 1951)
      • Son: Lloyd Earnest Thompson B. 04 April 1904 D. 31 August 1979
          Spouse: Ida Doris Cambron/Carlson m. (17 February 1905 - 9 December 1987) M. 20 June 1925
        • Son: Richard Lloyd Thompson b. 23 August 1927 Chicago
        • Son: Robert George Thompson b. 10 July 1929

    Elroy Thompson

    From Find a Grave
    Birth: Jan. 3, 1900, Hazel, Hamlin County, South Dakota, USA
    Death: Jul. 10, 1994, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA

    Elroy Adolph Thompson was born on 3rd of January 1900 in Hamiln County in South Dakota. Elroy was son of Andrew Rudd Thompson and Tillie C Lundquist. On the 6th of April 1918, Elroy married Anna Margaret Sather in Minneapolis, MN. Elroy and Anna had 1 daughter.

    He married Macie Thompson on 19 April 1974 in Seattle, WA. She died 2 February 2007 in Foley, MN.

    1900 Census lists a "Elroy E." there is also and Elroy A. (Draft Card indicates Adolph) listed with spouse Anna C Thompson (born in Norway) in censuses from 1920-1940 with daughter Lois in Hennepin County, MN.

    Lois Virginna Thompson Johnson

    Edward Harold Johnson
    M, b. 8 November 1910, d. 13 December 2002
    Charts Descendants of Peter (Martinson) Sather and Anna Aurora Hildegard Lundquist
    Research-Note* Served in WWII. Active member of Riverside Church.
    Birth* 8 Nov 1910 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States1
    Marriage* 7 Jun 1941 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States; Principal=Lois Virginna Thompson
    Military Service* 1942 England, France Germany; Served in WWII Superme Headquarters of the Allied Expeclitionery Forces working with General Dwight Eisenhower
    Death* 13 Dec 2002 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States
    Lois Virginna Thompson
    • Son: Randall Elroy Johnson (November 1946)
    • Commissioner, Hennepin County
    • Spouse: (Mary P. Forsythe) (Polly)
      • Daughter: Kerith A. Johnson (27 September 1980)
        • Spouse: Daniel Stevens
        • Daughter: Linnea K. Stevens
        • Daughter: Kaisa
    • Son: Craig Edward Johnson (9 February 1949)
      • Spouse: Darlene Divorced: September 1979
      • Son: Kyle Adam
          Spouse: Ann?
    • Son: Kevin Bruce Johnson (5 June 1951)


    Born: 04 April 1904
    Died: 31 August 1979
    Spouse: Ida (17 February 1905 - 9 December 1987)
    Married: 20 June 1925
    Son: Richard (Dick) - Oak Park, IL
    Son: Robert (Bob) - Westchester, IL

    THOMPSON, LLOYD was born 04 April 1904, received Social Security number 326-09-5729 (indicating Illinois) and, Death Master File says, died August 1979. Other sources indicate he died in Bensenville, IL.

    Elizabeth/Eliza "Lizzie" Thompson Johnson

    According to 1905 Minnesota Census, she lived with Andrew at the age of 23, making her birth in Wisconsin about 1882.

    At one time, she lived in the same building in San Francisco as my great-grandmother. Family stories indicated that they did not trust each other.

    Everett (Ev) Johnson (born about 1906) was her son and he had two children, Lee Johnson and Joyce Johnson Tarrentino.

    • 1940 Census
    • Dorothy C Schaefer, born 02/09/1910 to Ms. Connolly in San Francisco County (Probably)
    • Lee Grant Johnson, born 06/02/1932 to Ms. Schaefer in San Francisco County
    • Honolulu Star-Advertiser -
      June 2, 1932 - Jan. 14, 2011
      Lee Grant Johnson, 78, of Mililani, a retired Army military intelligence officer, died in Honolulu. He was born in San Francisco. He is survived by wife Jane K., son Ken D., daughter Jere L. Sanchez , sister Joyce Tarrentino and five grandchildren. Private services.
    • Joyce Kay Johnson, born 01/21/1942 to Ms. Schaefer in San Francisco County
    • Spouse: John Magnus Johnson
    • Son: Emil Everett Johnson
      • Spouse: Dorothy Schaefer
      • Son: Lee Grant Johnson
        • Spouse: Jane K.
        • Son: Ken D. Johnson
        • Daughter: Jere L. Johnson
          • Spouse: Kent? Jerry? Sanchez
          • Married?: 7 Jun 1988
      • Daughter: Joyce Kay Johnson
        • Spouse: James Tarantino, Jr.
        • Daughter: Bonnie S Tarantino
        • Son: James R. Tarantino
        • Son: Joseph Tarantino
        • Daughter: Diana G. Tarantino
        • Daughter: Della M. Tarantino
    • Spouse: Julius Johnson

    Thorvald E. Thompson

    According to an entry, born 9 Jul 1884 in Clinton, WI and died 4 Oct 1946 in Seattle, Washington. Draft registration records indicate a July 9 1883 birth.

    Thorvald married Manda/Amanada Johnson and was the father of three daughters, Alice Llorrae (Married Richard Mathews and John Patrick Quigley), Hazel Violet Bartholomew (13 Jan 1906 - 16 Sep 2002) and Lillian May Rozenberg (known as May).

    Manda was born in South Side, Minnesota, USA on 25 Jun 1887 and passed away on 7 Aug 1927 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

    Both Thorvald and Manda are buried in St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Annandale, Wright Co., MN, according to cemetery records. However, cemetery records indicate Thorvald's death in 1938, rather than 1946.

    I remember Hazel quite well, as she visited my grandmother Clara Dado quite often. As a family, I also remember visiting May and Don Rozenberg in Southern California in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

    Hazel was married to Vernon Bartholomew. They had a daughter who presumably died at birth on 30 December 1931 or 1932. Hazel's sons were Stephen Vernon (b. abt. 1936) and David Anthony (born 5/31/1940). Stephen was married to Muriel Bromberg (Ancestry)/Broumber (California Birth Index) AKA Mimi. Hazel divorced on 12 November 1963.

    Stephen and Mimi had a son, Brendan Patrick Bartholomew, 23 December 1969.

    David married Sue Anderson.

    Alice's children are Michael Mathews, Judy Lee Quigley (born 1 September 1941) and Jan Patrick Quigley (born 1 April 1946)

    1910 Census indicates his birthplace in Illinois. Clinton, WI is on the Illinois border.

    The 1930 United States Federal Census contains this entry. It's possible he remarried.
    NAME: Thorvald Thompson
    SPOUSE: Clara Thompson
    BIRTH: abt 1884 - Wisconsin
    RESIDENCE: 1930 - city, Hennepin, Minnesota

    The same information from confirms the remainder of the family.

    Thorvald Thompson, "United States Census, 1930"
    Name: 	Thorvald Thompson
    Titles and Terms: 	
    Event Type: 	Census
    Event Year: 	1930
    Event Place: 	Minneapolis (Districts 1-250), Hennepin, Minnesota, United States
    District: 	0129
    Gender: 	Male
    Age: 	46
    Marital Status: 	Married
    Race: 	White
    Race (Original): 	White
    Relationship to Head of Household: 	Head
    Relationship to Head of Household (Original): 	Head
    Birth Year (Estimated): 	1884
    Birthplace: 	Wisconsin
    Immigration Year: 	
    Father's Birthplace: 	Norway
    Mother's Birthplace: 	Norway
    Sheet Number and Letter: 	4A
    Household ID: 	125
    Line Number: 	1
    Affiliate Name: 	The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
    Affiliate Publication Number: 	T626
    Affiliate Film Number: 	1093
    GS Film number: 	2340828
    Digital Folder Number: 	004610047
    Image Number: 	00865
      	Household 	Gender 	Age 	Birthplace
    Head 	Thorvald Thompson 	M 	46 	Wisconsin
    Wife 	Clara Thompson 	F 	32 	Minnesota
    Daughter 	Gertrude Goff 	F 	9 	Minnesota
    Daughter 	Hazel Thompson 	F 	24 	Minnesota
    Daughter 	May Thompson 	F 	13 	Minnesota
    Daughter 	Alice Thompson 	F 	8 	Minnesota 

    His death certificate confirms his birth and death dates, and lists his mother's names as "Ellen."

    Family tree

    • Thorvald Thompson
      • Spouse: Amanda Johnson
      • Daughter: Hazel Violet Thompson
        • Spouse: Vernon Batholomew
        • Daughter: ? (Died at birth)
        • Son: Steven Vernon Bartholomew
          • Spouse: Muriel Bromberg
          • Son: Brendan Patrick Bartholomew
        • Son:
        • David Anthony Bartholomew Born: MAY 31, 1940 Died: JULY 14, 2020
          • Spouse: Sue Anderson
      • Daughter: Lillian May Rozenberg
        • Spouse: Donald Dick Rozenberg
        • Daughter: Donna May Rozenberg
        • Mary Dorothy Rozenberg b. 26 December 1943, Los Angeles d. 4 March 1947
        • Daughter: Dorothy Rozenberg
          • Spouse: Ray Roth
          • Robert Roth
            • Spouse: Theo Cline
            • Son:
          • Rebecca Roth
            • Spouse: Dave Proctor
            • Daughter: Madison
            • Son: Alex
      • Daughter: Alice Llorrae Thompson 1922 - 12 May 2007
      • Spouse: Clara
      • Step-Daughter: Gertrude Goff

    Elisa Arneson Thompson

    Born 9 March, 1862 in Norway. Was married to George Smith and had two daughters, Emma Smith Roeber and Clara Smith. With Arne Thompson had a son Edward. She died 21 March 1951.

    This information is from a index card maintained by my grandmother, Clara Dado, with corrections from Lynn Serack (her great-granddaughter).

    Palmiter, Majory (Margy Marge)

    Husband is a magazine editor and writing a book on Wisconsin cheese.

    Margy Marjory/Marge is the daughter of Emil and Emma Roeber. Emil Roeber died in 1967. Emma died Jan. 30, 1987. Emma was born July 10, 1895 in Annandale, Minn. She was married to Emil Roeber on Sept. 9, 1919. Her parents were Elisa Arneson Smith and George Smith. Elisa was the second wife of Arne Thompson, father of Andrew, Carrie, Lizzie and Thorvald. Edward Thompson was born to Elisa and Arne. Emma and Clara Smith were step-daughters of Arne Thompson. Carrie Thompson Gunderson Anderson is the mother of Clara and Thora (twins), Annette Anderson and Albert Gunderson (Edgar Albert).

    Emma's sister Clara Smith married Russell Holmes, now deceased, and lives in Detroit, Mich. She was born July 2, 1893. 6-87 Lives in Ypsilanti, Mich.

    Margy's children are: Steven and Lynne.

    Steve married Diana Smith on Feb. 28, 1987, and both are teachers in Minneapolis, Minn. Lynne married Kenneth Serack 1/10/1994 - and lives in Seattle (Snoqualmie, WA). Margye's brother, Donald and family live in the Seattle area. Don lives in Kent, Wash., and the family members in nearby areas. Don is an Administrator in a hospital in Seattle. Don died and is survived by 2 sons and a daughter, all married, with children, two have grandchildren. (You can get the rest of the clan when I send you the pedigree.)

    Edward (Eddy) Thompson has two sons, Richard/Dick and Douglas.

    Marjory E. Roeber Palmiter

    Marjory was the granddaughter of Elisa from her first marriage. She was born 9 August 1923 and died 19 December 2011. Husband Harry Palmiter (1922-2002), died March 2002. Daughter, Lynn P. Serack (Kenneth), and Son, Steven J. Palmiter (Diane).

    Donald Roeber

    6/1/1920 - 6/23/2007

    Edward Arne Thompson

    Son of Arne and Elisa
    Born 15 June 1900, possibly Waterton, SD. Died 1955. His half sisters Clara and Emma were born 1893 & 1895.
    Married Norma Hendrickson in Winnebago County, Illinois.

    Richard "Dick" Lowell Thompson

    28 September 1928 - 13 February 2010
    • Obituary at Janesville, WI Gazette
      Richard L. Thompson, Edgerton (1928 - 2010)

      September 28, 1928 - February 13, 2010 Richard L. Thompson, 81, Edgerton, WI, passed away Saturday, Feb. 13, 2010, at his home. He was born on Sept. 28, 1928, son of the late Edward and Norma (Hendrickson) Thompson. Richard married Florence "Flo" Steindl on June 10, 1951, in Central Lutheran Church, Edgerton. Richard served from 1948 to 1952 in the Air Force. He owned the Thompson Real Estate Agency for over 40 years in Edgerton. He enjoyed collecting trains and guns. He belonged to Central Lutheran Church and was an usher at the church. He was a member of the Edgerton Lions Club.

      Richard is survived by his daughters, Jane (Rick Parrent) Bell of Edgerton and Eve (Jerry) Kisgen of Ashville, NC; grandchildren, Leslie (Brian Dempsey) Bell and Jerry (Kirstin) Kisgen; and great-grandchildren, Alexis and Luke Kisgen.

      In addition to his parents, Richard was preceded in death by his wife, Flo; and a brother, Douglas Thompson.

      Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Friday, Feb. 19, 2010, at CENTRAL LUTHERAN CHURCH, with Pastor Erica Adams officiating. Burial with full military rites will be in Fassett Cemetery. Visitation time will be from 4 until 7 p.m. Thursday at the WHITCOMB-LYNCH-ALBRECHT FUNERAL HOME, EDGERTON, and from 10 a.m. until time of services Friday at the CHURCH. Memorials may be given to HospiceCare, Inc. or the VA Hospital, Madison, WI.

      A special thanks to the wonderful people at HospiceCare, Inc. and the special doctors at the VA Hospital.

    • Richard Thompson at Find a Grave
    • Preceded in death by wife Florence Steindl Thompson
      Name Thompson, Florence Steindl
      Residence Edgerton, WI
      Birth Date 05 May 1931
      Death Date 31 Aug 2005
      Spouse Richard Thompson
      Newspaper 02 Sep 2005 2B

    Jane Thompson Bell

    20 Mar 1957 - 1 Apr 2017 (aged 60)
    Married to Rick Parrent
    Daughter Leslie Bell Dempsey (Brian)

    From Scene Chicago Weddings

    Leslie Bell & Brian Dempsey
    February 5, 2011 Gallery 1028

    The Couple - Brian can still recall what Leslie was wearing the first time he laid eyes on her at a party: “printed shirt, blazer, ponytail,” says the groom. Now that’s what we call making an everlasting impression!

    The Details - LOLA Event Productions worked old barn windows into the party’s décor. Callahan Catering incorporated the couple’s favorite dishes (think mac ’n’ cheese and paella) into the night’s nibbles.

    The Party - Because Feb. 5 is also Leslie’s birthday, The Party Faithful sang “Happy Birthday” to the bride. All 145 guests parted with spiced sachets handmade by the happy couple. –Elise Hofer

    Eve Alise Thompson Kisgen

    Married to Jerry Kisgen
    Class of 1977 (Probably)
  • Edgerton Senior High School
    Possibly located in New Braunfels, TX or Austin, TX or Fletcher, NC or Asheville, NC (2010)
    Son Jerry Kisgen
    Daughter-in-law Kirstin
    Granddaughter Alexis
    Grandson Luke

    Douglas Thompson

    11 November 1936 - 9 February 2005

    Family Tree

    • Edward Thompson 15 June 1900 - 1955
      • Spouse: Norma Clarinda Hendrickson Oliver
      • Son: Richard "Dick" Lowell Thompson b. Sept. 28, 1928 d. February 13, 2010
      • Son: Douglas E. Thompson b. 11 November 1936 d. 9 February 2005
        • Spouse: Trudy (divorced 1950s)
  • Obituaries

    David Anthony Bartholomew

    David Anthony Bartholomew died on July 14, 2020 at his home in Citrus Heights, California after a long battle with Parkinson's disease.

    He was born May 31, 1940 in Vallejo, California to Hazel Bartholomew and Vernon Bartholomew. David was raised in San Francisco by his single mother. He served four years in the Air Force as an aircraft mechanic, stationed in Okinawa and New York state.

    David was licensed in both mechanical and civil engineering, having received a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Heald Engineering College in San Francisco and a B.S. in civil engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle. David worked for Boeing in the Seattle area, then for the State of California as an engineer for the Department of Corrections and for the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development. After that he worked for Kitchell, and finally for Bureau Veritas, from which he retired at age 75. He loved engineering.

    David married his wife Sue in Seattle in 1975. David was a wonderful husband, kind, wise, and witty, and a man of integrity. He was a faithful man of God.

    David is survived by his wife Sylvia Sue, his brother Stephen Bartholomew of Lakeport, CA, and his nephew Brendan Bartholomew of Pacifica, CA.

    Condolences may be left on the website or mailed to Reichert’s Funeral Services 7320 Auburn Blvd. Citrus Heights, CA 95610, once received they will be forwarded to the family.

    Jane L Thompson Parrent

    20 Mar 1957 - 1 Apr 2017 (aged 60)
    Jane L. (nee Thompson) Parrent, 60, of Edgerton, WI, passed away at her home on April 1, 2017 surrounded by her loving family. Jane was born in Edgerton on March 20, 1957 to the late Richard and Florence (Steindl) Thompson. She graduated from Edgerton High School in the Class of 1975 and has continued many dear friendships with those classmates. Jane was also surrounded by loving friends from her 20 years as an employee of Mercy Hospital . Jane was a loving mother who adored her family, especially her role as "Nana" to her grandchildren. On September 26, 2015, Jane married her husband under her favorite tree in their back yard. The last few years of Jane's life were spent fighting a brave and courageous battle against cancer. She appreciated each day and every moment she had with all those that she loved, and who loved her. Jane is survived by her husband; daughter; grandchildren; sister; nephew; and many friends. She was preceded in death by her parents, Richard and Floss Thompson. Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. on Friday, April 7, 2017 at Central Lutheran Church, Edgerton with Rev. Sara Gillespie officiating. Burial will follow at Fasssett Cemetery. Visitation will be held on Thursday, April 6, 2017 from 5 PM to 8 PM at the Albrecht Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Edgerton and from 10 a.m. until the start of the services on Friday at the church. In lieu of flowers, a memorial will be established in Jane’s name at a later date.