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Joseph Dedyo
Posted: Friday, February 28, 2014
Modified: Thursday, January 20, 2022

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    Index to ancestors of
    1. Muriel Laverne Dado Linder

    This index will make it slightly easier to navigate my notes (the initial number is the Ahnentafel number.)
    1. Father - Joseph H Dado
    2. Mother - Clara Thorissa Anderson
    3. Grandfather - Simon Dado
    4. Grandmother - Pearl Varhol
    5. Grandfather - Thomas Anderson
    6. Grandmother - Carrie Thompson
    7. Great-Grandfather - Joannes (John) Degyo *
    8. Great-Grandmother - Anna Cucvara *
    9. Great-Grandfather - Andrew Varchol
    10. Great-Grandmother - Anna Szarics
    11. Great-Grandfather - Olaf Anderson/Anders Olsen Briskodden
    12. Great-Grandmother - Annie Olson/Anne Olsdatter Farsjø
    13. Great-Grandfather - Arne Thompson
    14. Great-Grandmother - Eli Eriksdatter Aaberg
    15. Great-Great-Grandfather - Petrus Degyo *
    16. Great-Great-Grandmother - Anna ? *
    17. Great-Great-Grandfather - Daniel Cucvara
    18. Great-Great-Grandmother - Anna ? *
    19. Great-Great-Grandfather - Nicholas Varhol
    20. Great-Great-Grandmother - Anna Boris
    21. Great-Great-Grandfather - Joannes ?? Szarics *
    22. Great-Great-Grandmother - Unknown
    23. Great-Great-Grandfather - Ole Olson
    24. Great-Great-Grandmother - Anne Andersdatter
    25. Great-Great-Grandfather - Ole Nilsmundsen Farsjø
    26. Great-Great-Grandmother - Asborg Thomasdatter Våje
    27. Great-Great-Grandfather - Tosten Anderson Udgaardsbratten
    28. Great-Great-Grandmother - Anne Amundsdatter
    29. Great-Great-Grandfather - Erik Andersen Aaberg
    30. Great-Great-Grandmother - Kari Hansdatter

    * Assumed

    Joseph Dedyo

    Cousin to my grandfather.


    • What is the name of his father? Is it also Joseph? According to records below, Petrus Degyo & Maria Demko were his parents.
    • Are there any siblings? See tree info below
    • Where in "Austria" was he born? Komlosa
    • When did he come to the United States? Seems to be around 1910
    • His wife Mary was born in Pennsylvania but their five children were born in New York. Where did they meet and marry? When? Mary Korba was born in Stockton, PA to John Korba and Anastasia Hudak. They were originally from Komlosa.
    • Why can't the family be found in any other census other than 1940?

    Komlosa Records

    NAMESacramentDateSpouse/NotesMaternal ParentsPaternal ParentsVillage/House (female/male)Page #CommentsBook
    AnnaPetrus DegyoKomlosa123/266Vaszil Choma/Pelagia Podany
    Piddany,MichaelM10/14/1836Paraskevia DegyoPetrus DegyoMichael PiddanyKomlosa/Komlosa198/266Demetrius Szoljanics/Elias Szivanics
    Degyo,JoannesM11/7/1842Anna ChuchvaraDaniel ChuchvaraPetrus DegyoKomlosa/Komlosa201/266Stephanius Zbihlej/Nicolaus Michalcsin/Michal Piddany
    Maria Vancak?Petro DegyoKomlosa 20/388Stefan Szivanics/Maria Rusiniak ?
    Degyo,Maria 44yo widowD11/6/1879Petri Degyo ( dead)

    Degyo,Petrus 24yo widowM11/23/1879Maria Demko 20yo??Komlosa/Komlosa89/388Lesko Jaroscsak/Demetri KurtyB2
    Maria DemkoPetro DedyoKomlosa24/388Vasil Rusiniak/Paraska Havrish
    Maria DemkoPetro Dedyo
    Maria DemkoPetro DegyoKomlosa27/388Vasil Russiniak/Anna Pagacs
    Maria DemkoPetrus DedyoKomlosa31/388Joannes Dubivsky/Parascevia Tarasar Havrish
    Maria DemkoPetrus DegyoKomlosa41/388Joannes Dubivsky/Parascevia Lazio Tarasar
    Maria DemkoPetrus Degyo
    Degyo,Parascevia 1 3/4yoD12/24/1888
    Maria DemkoPetri DegyoKomlosa 19116/388
    Maria DemkoPetrus DegyoKomlosa 1946/388Antonius Szarics/Eva Chuchvara Havrish
    Maria DemkoPetrus DegyoKomlosa52/388Andreas Dubivsky/Eva Havrish
    Maria DemkoPetrus DegyoKomlosa 1057/388Antonius Szarics/Anna RuszinyakB2
    Maria DemkoPetrus DegyoKomlosa 11961/388Andreas Dubivsky/Juliana Szarics
    Maria DemkoPetrus DegyoKomlosa67/388Andreas Dubivsky/Maria Biros
    Maria DemkoPetrus Degyo
    Degyo,AndreasD11/1/1949 ?
    Maria DemkoPetro Degyo

    Ancestry Records

    Family Tree of Petrus Degyo

    Petrus (Peter) is likely a uncle of my grandfather, Joseph Dado and brother to Simon Dado.
    • Petrus Degyo born about 1855
      • Spouse: Maria Vancak?
      • Daughter: Julia Degyo 17 Oct 1878 - ??
      • Spouse: Maria Demko born about 1859 married 23 Nov 1879
      • Daughter: Eva Dedyo 12 Feb 1881 - 10 Feb 1881
      • Son: Andreas Degyo 15 Oct 1882 - 1 Nov 1949
      • Daughter: Maria Dedyo 14 Aug 1884 - ??
      • Daughter: Parascevia Degyo 29 May 1887 - 24 Dec 1888
      • Son: Demetrius "Mitro" Degyo 15 Aug 1888 - ?? or 15 Mar 1889 - 4 Jan 1979 Baptised: 16 Mar 1889
        • Spouse: Mary F Zbihley 1890–13 Mar 1968 Married 27 May 1911 in Yonkers
        • Daughter: Anna Dedyo 1920–
          • Spouse: John J Biesiada
        • Son: William Dedyo 1928–10 Sep 2011
          • Spouse: Alice Kovalan 1936-December 1, 2015
        • Daughter: Mary Dedyo
          • Spouse: Anthony Gospodarek Married 1943
          • Son: Thomas Gospodarek
          • Daughter: Carol Gospodarek
            • Spouse: Daniel M Hart married Carol Gospodarek on June 1965, in 0905, New Jersey, United States.
          • Daughter: Marilyn Gospodarek
        • Daughter: Helen Dedyo
      • Daughter: Anastasia Degyo 16 Apr 1891 - ??
      • Son: Josephus Degyo 2 Jan 1894 - May 1980
      • Daughter: Parascevia Degyo 12 Dec 1895 - ??
      • Son: Petrus Degyo 15 Aug 1899 - 20 Sep 1900

    Family Tree

      Other family members?
    • Tyrin Shepley - Probably a relation to Joseph James Shepley, but not Dedyo related
    • Tarissa Shepley - Probably a relation to Joseph James Shepley, but not Dedyo related

    Mary Dedyo Halecky

    died 12/30/2012 at the age of 102 in Yonkers, NY. Death records put her birth on May 12, 1910. Her birth puts her 16 years after Joseph Dedyo Sr and 13 years before Ann Dedyo, indicating she could be a much younger sister to Joseph, or the daughter of an older brother.

    Confirmed 27 July 2016 by John Dedyo that Mary was niece to Joseph Dedyo.

    Her obituary indicates a son Andrew Halecky in Florida (possibly Lutz or Apopka?). Her husband was also Andrew Helecky and they married in 1929.

    In Memory of Mary Halecky
    May 12, 1910 - December 30, 2012

    Mary Halecky (nee Dedyo) of Yonkers died at home on Sunday, December 30, 2012 at age 102. Mrs. Halecky worked as a weaver for Alex Smith Carpet Shop for many years prior to her retirement. In 1929 she married Andrew Halecky in Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, he died in 1984. Mary remained a devoted member of the Parish. She is survived by her son Andrew who resides in Florida. Her four grandchildren; Richard, Robert, Debbie Lotz and Laura Boyd and three great-grandchildren Brandon Lotz and Kristen and Nicholas Boyd. Visiting hours will be at the Whalen and Ball Funeral Home on Friday from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. Funeral Services will be held in Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church on Saturday, January 5th at 9:30 a.m. Interment Oakland Cemetery.

    Whalen & Ball Funeral Home
    168 Park Avenue
    Yonkers, New York 10703

    Her husband, Andrew Halecky, lived from 25 October 1904 - 01 August 1984.
    Halecky-Zubkoff Wedding announcement
    Yonkers Herald Statesman
    Wed, January 13, 1954
    Halecky-Zubkoff Wedding announcement
    Yonkers Herald Statesman
    Wed, January 13, 1954
    Andrew Halecky, Jr attended University of Texas, Class of 1956.

    Helen Dedyo was a bridesmaid at Andrew and Helen's wedding. Joseph Dedyo was an usher. This suggests a family relationship.

    Anna Goydosh Zubkoff, Helen's mother.

    Four grandchildren: Richard Halecky, Robert Jason Halecky (1960?), Debbie Lotz and Laura Boyd and three great-grandchildren Brandon Lotz and Kristen and Nicholas Boyd.

    Other associated names: Helen Zubkoff Halecky (wife of Andrew Halecky Jr, possibly b. 1932, married 1954), Elizabeth Birdsong (Renee Halecky), Stephen Birdsong, Don Birdsong, Harold Lotz, Nancy Lotz, John Lotz, Brandon Lotz, James Boyd.

    An Andrew Halecky born in 1862 is buried in Yonkers. His father or other relative?

    There also appears to be another Andrew (1903), Anna (1903), Andrew Jr (1927), Helen Halecky (1933), also in Florida.

    This alternate Andrew may be the subject of this inquiry.

    Mary Dedyo family tree

    • Spouse: Andrew Halecky, Sr. 1904-1984
    • Son: Andrew Halecky, Jr.
      • Spouse: Helen Zubkoff Born 1932? Married August 7, 1954
      • Son: Robert Jason Halecky Born: 29 May 1969
      • Son: Richard S. Halecky Born 05 June 1976 in Los Angeles, CA
      • Daughter: Debbie Halecky born about 1962
        • Spouse: Harold? or John? Lotz
        • Son: Brandon Lotz Born about 1985
      • Daughter: Laura Halecky Born about 1967
        • Spouse: James? Boyd
        • Daughter: Kristen Boyd
        • Son: Nicholas Boyd

    Powell Dedyo

    Born about 1868. Immigrated about 1985 Appears in 1910 Census in Old Forge Ward 3, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania. Possible father to Mary Dedyo, born 1910? Family Tree
    • Spouse: Mary Dedyo Born about 1870. Immigrated about 1896.
    • Daughter: Eva Dedyo Borna about 1901
    • Son: Wasko Dedyo born about 1904
    • Son: Michael Dedyo Born about 1908

    Joseph Duda

    He's listed as a Coal Miner, the same occupation held by Simon Dado and from the same town. Probably just a coincidence in names. A draft card for the younger Joseph Duda is here. Based on other information presented for Joseph Dedyo, there does not seem to be a connection.
    Name:	 Joseph Duda
    Titles and Terms:	
    Event Type:	 Census
    Event Year:	 1900
    Event Place:	 East Union Township Brandonville village, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, United States
    District:	 142
    Gender:	 Male
    Age:	 37
    Marital Status:	 Married
    Race:	 White
    Race (Original):	 W
    Relationship to Head of Household:	 Head
    Relationship to Head of Household (Original):	 Head
    Number of Living Children:	
    Years Married:	 14
    Birth Date:	 Mar 1863
    Birthplace:	 Austria
    Marriage Year (Estimated):	 1886
    Immigration Year:	 1883
    Father's Birthplace:	 Austria
    Mother's Birthplace:	 Austria
    Mother of how many children:	
    Sheet Number and Letter:	 12B
    Household ID:	 211
    Line Number:	 54
    Affiliate Name:	 The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
    Affiliate Publication Number:	 T623
    GS Film Number:	1241483
    Digital Folder Number:	004115227
    Image Number:	 00487
     	Household	Gender	Age	Birthplace
    Head	 Joseph Duda	M	37	 Austria
    Wife	Annie Duda	F	38	 Austria
    Daughter	Annie Duda	F	10	 Penna
    Daughter	Mary Duda	F	8	 Penna
    Daughter	Julia Duda	F	3	 Penna
    Son	Joseph Duda	M	1	 Penna
    Stepson	Nicholas Potproc	M	17	 Austria

    William Degyo

    WILLIAM DEGYO BAYONNE William 'Bill' Degyo, 82, passed away peacefully on Saturday, September 10th, at the Bayonne Medical Center. Bill was born in Bayonne and resided there all his life. He worked as a Supervisor for Maidenform Co. in Bayonne for 46 years. He was a lifetime Usher for St. John's Church in Bayonne. He was an avid Yankee fan. He is the beloved husband of 51 years of Alice (Kovalan); devoted son of the late Mary and Mitro Degyo; cherished brother of the late Ann Biesiada and Mary Gospodarek; loving uncle of Carol Hart, Candace Titanski, and Donna Hart. Private Services were held yesterday at the G. Keenen O'Brien Funeral Home; Entombment, Holy Cross Chapel Mausoleum. G. Keenen O'Brien Funeral Home, Inc. 984 Avenue C Bayonne, NJ 07002 (201) 339-0220 Published by The Jersey Journal on Sep. 14, 2011.

    William Titanski

    William F. Titanski, 74, of Greentown, passed away Tuesday, March 1st, at Julia Ribaudo Extended Care, Lake Ariel, Wayne County. He was the husband of Karen (Laux) Titanski, they were married for 54 years.

    William was born in Jersey City, NJ on November 25, 1941, a son of the late Julia (Melnick) and Stanley Titanski. He was a retired truck driver who worked for J.M. Huber in Rariton, NJ for 29 years. He was an avid outdoorsman, enjoying hunting and fishing.

    William is survived by four sons: William and his wife Brenda, Michael and his wife Jacki, Joseph and his wife Candace and Mark and his wife Amy Jo. Nine grandchildren: Jennifer, Stanley, Ryan, Laci, Adrienne, Dylan, Shayne, Riley and Nicholas. He was preceded in death by a brother Joseph Titanski.

    Thomas Gospodarek

      Thomas Anthony Gospodarek, 72, of Las Cruces, died November 6, 2016. Thomas was born on July 8, 1944 to Anthony and Mary Gospodarek, in Bayonne, New Jersey. Tom earned his bachelorette degree at UTEP. He later opened DBest Driving school in El Paso, Tx, giving many the gift of the open road. He retired from educating drivers. Tom was a retiree from the Air Force reserves. Tom loved to sever others, volunteering at church. He entertained may with the stories of his life adventures. Tom did what he wanted, and lived life to its fullest potential. He truly loved, and often bragged about his grandchildren.Tom is survived by his sisters, Marilyn and Carol of New Jersey, his love of his life Patricia, four children Thomas, Dawn, Tony, Ron. 15 awesome grandchildren, and 2 great gradchildren. He was preceeded by his parents, Anthony and Mary. A special part of Tom's (AKA Jack's) life was his karaoke group singers of Las Cruces. We cannot thank you enough for always being there for Tom. Rest in peace Dad, you are loved and missed dearly,Your family and friends.

    John Smith

    SMITH, JOHN A. "JACK" of Bayonne on March 14, 2004. Beloved husband of Marilyn (Gospodarek) Smith, Devoted father of John, Jacqueline Smith & Dorilynn Gordon, Loving brother of Cindy Muntzner, Ronald Smith, Eileen Mostafa, & the late Gary Nadolny. Also survived by 3 grandchildren. Funeral from the LEVIS FUNERAL HOME, 151 Avenue "C" (Corner of 5th St), Bayonne, NJ on Thur. March 18, 2004. Funeral Mass, St. Andrew R.C.Church at 10:30 am. Entombment, Holy Cross Chapel Mausoleum, No. Arlington, NJ. Visitation Wednesday 2-4 & 7-9 PM. IN LIEU OF FLOWERS, DONATIONS TO YOUR FAVORITE ORGANIZATION IN JACK'S NAME.

    Alice Kovalan Degyo

    DEGYO, ALICE (nee: Kovalan) 79, passed away on December 1, 2015, at Saint Ann’s Home in Jersey City, NJ. Alice was born in Duryea, Pennsylvania, and resided there briefly before spending the rest of her life in Bayonne. She was a housewife. Wife of the William Degyo. Aunt of Carol Hart. Great-Aunt of Donna Hart, and Candace Titanski and her husband Joseph. Adoring Great Great Aunt of Michael Hart, Shayne Titanski, Riley Titanski and the late Dylan Titanski. Friend of Pauline Majoros. Funeral arrangements by G. KEENEN O’BRIEN Funeral Home, 984 Avenue C.

    Helen Zubkoff Halecky

    September 2, 1934 – August 19, 2017

    Helen Halecky (nee Zubkoff) of Apopka, Florida passed away on August 19, 2017 at the age of 82 surrounded by her loving family at her bedside. Helen was born in Yonkers, New York on September 2, 1934 to Anna Gaydosh Zubkoff and married to Andrew “Andy” Halecky, Jr. on August 7, 1954 and happily wed for 63 years.

    Helen was a long time resident of Florida. She was a homemaker and in her spare time enjoyed to read, cook and garden. Helen had a natural curiosity to learn new things but most of all she was a dedicated, loving mother and Grandmother.

    Helen is survived by her husband, Andrew Halecky, Jr., and four children, Debbie Lotz, Laura Boyd, Robert Halecky and Richard Halecky, and her three grandchildren, Brandon Lotz, Kristen Boyd and Nicholas Boyd.

    Helen is preceded in death by her mother, Anna Zubkoff, sister, Olga Blazich, and brother, Steve Zubkoff.

    Graveside service will be held Saturday August 26, 2017 at 12:00 pm at Pine Forest Cemetery in Mt. Dora, Florida. Funeral arrangements being handled by Loomis Family Funeral Home in Apopka, Florida.