Nancy Crook Hammond

Nancy Crook (Linthicum McGuire & Allied Families)

Some sources indicate last name of "Cook".

This tree implies her age was about 107 at death.
                     /Ozias Crooke b: 1745 d: 1810
             /Hezekiah Cook b: 1768
             |       \Rebecca Stephens b: 1750 d: 1767
     /Hezekiah Crook b: 1785 d: 1860
     |       \Elizabeth Yates b: 1766
Nancy Crook b: Mar 1827 d: 3 Jul 1934
     |               /Charles Burns b: 1710 d: 1789
     |       /William Burns b: 1756 d: 1845
     |       |       \Mary Webb b: 1729 d: 1795
     \Mary Burns b: 1785
             |       /Joel Chandler b: 1734 d: 1800-11-11
             \Nancy Chandler b: 1761-11-22 d: 1808
                     \Jane Edwards b: 1744-11-11 d: 1800-11-18
     /Hezekiah W. CROOK b: 1785
Nancy CROOK b: 1824
     |                               /John BURNS , Rev., Dr. b: BET 1655 AND 1659
     |                       /George BURNS b: 1680 d: BEF 1755
     |                       |       \Jordan PROBST b: 1655
     |               /Charles BURNS , Sr. b: ABT 1705 d: 3 APR 1789
     |               |       \Mary LNU b: 1690
     |       /William M. BURNS , Sr. b: 1753 d: 1843
     |       |       |               /William WEBB b: 1670 d: 1697
     |       |       |       /Merriweather Wenn Merry WEBB b: 1697 d: 6 FEB 1774
     |       |       |       |       \Jane MARTIN b: 1680
     |       |       \Mary Ann WEBB b: 1729 d: 1795
     |       |               |       /Captain Joseph MARTIN b: 1665 d: 20 MAR 1742/43
     |       |               \Elizabeth Anne MARTIN b: 9 AUG 1708 d: 1804
     |       |                       \Sarah HICKS b: 1682
     \Mary BURNS b: 1791 d: 1850
             |       /Joel CHANDLER b: 1734 d: 11 NOV 1800
             \Nancy CHANDLER b: 1763
                     \Jane EDWARDS b: 11 NOV 1744
The same individual, in the same database, under the wrong name

Hezekiah Crooke

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Hezekiah W. Crook

Ozias Crooke

Rebecca Stevens

Elizabeth Yates

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Joel Chandler

John Chandler

Born ca. 1570
Great-great-great-great grandfather to Joel Chandler

Father of John Chandler (b. 7 September 1600, d. 1660)
-Father of Robert Chandler (b. 1628, d. 27 March 1669)
--Father of Francis Chandler (b. 1663)
---Father of Joel Chandler
----Father of David Chandler (b. 1728, d. 1793)
-----Father of Joel Chandler (b. 12 Nov 1740, d. 11 Nov 1800)

Jane Edwards

Nancy Chandler

William Burns
Dear Norma,
I am a direct descendant of William Burns, Sr. My line is:
Rev. Dr. John Burns, born Glasgow, Lanarkshire County, Scotland, married Mary Probst.; was Minister of the Barony Church in Glasgow.
George Burns, born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire County, Scotland. Worldconnect; Scotland says he was born and died in Scotland. Married a Mary (last name unknown)
Charles B. Burns, Sr., born in 1710-1720 Glasgow, Lanarkshire County, Scotland. Charles departed from Scotland in Greenock on the ship Nomina, for America in 1737. Charles was a Senator in Henry County, Virginia in the 1700's. Charles had four sons who fought in the Revolutionary War.
William Burns, Sr. (Charles B Sr; George; Rev Dr John) married Nancy Chandler, Sarah Bishop, Lucy Angel. William is buried in the Luce (Lucy) Angel Cemetery in Kentucky. The dates of his marriages has stumped me. I've seen him married to two people at the same time; which cannot be correct (Nancy and Sarah).
Andrew Burns, Sr.; married Nancy Baker, daughter of Robert "Julius Bob" Baker and Elizabeth Hammonds. Nancy's grandfather John "Tenerretta" (Renta) Baker married Elizabeth Terrill, daughter of James Terrill and niece of Obediah Terrill (a famous Long-Hunter). Through the Terrill Family we are descended from famous people, like (6-8 Presidents, first ladies, Shirley Temple, John Wayne, Queen Elizabeth II, Greta Garbo, JP Morgan, Jesse and Frank James, Audrey Hepburn, the list is too many for me to list them at this time.
Perry Baker Burns, married twice, Amossa "Massie" Hacker, then married Charlotte "Lottie" Gay. Robert Franklin Burns, married twice: first to Action Hacker, second to America Barger.
Irvin Robert Burns, married Polly Barger, daughter of Joseph Barger and Nicie McIntosh: Nicie's grandfather, Samuel McIntosh was married to Mary Polly DeWeese--through this line we are descended from Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor, the Medici Family of Italy, etc.
Robert Daniel Burns, married Dora Belle Arnett, they had Geneva Burns, Robert Burns Jr., Patrick Burns, CharlesBurns, Wendell Burns, Elizabeth Burns, Eleanor Burns, Conrad Burns, Deborah Burns Elizabeth Mae Burns-Pigg, my mother, she married Jack Alfred Pigg, Sr., they had Carolyn Mae Pigg, Jackie Lee Pigg, Tammie Kay Pigg, Jack Alfred Pigg, Jr., Robert Lincoln Pigg, and Charles Tilden Pigg.
I have not been able to find documentation on the marriages or deaths of William Burns, Sr.'s wives. (one source that someone emailed to me was a man by the name of Leon Morris; he wrote a book, I think it was called Morris Creek, Kentucky; they said he had William Burns Sr. married to Luce (or Lucy) Angel.
Any help/suggestions would be so appreciated. Thank you.
Carolyn Pigg (Elizabeth Mae Burns; Robert Daniel; .........)

Charles Burns


At Tuesday, 11 November 2008, you wrote:

Hello Norma, I am a direct descendant of William Burns, Sr. (Per World Connect Scotland:) Charles (Burns) was born in Lanarkshire County, Glasgow, Scotland. He departed from Scotland at Greenock on the ship Monima in 1737. Charles was married to Mary Webb, daughter of Merry Webb.

Charles (Burns)(George; Rev Dr John Burns) was a Senator in Henry County, Virginia in the latter part of the 1700's (Henry County use to be Pittsylvania County, Virginia). Charles' father George (Burns), was born and died in Glasgow, Scotland. His wife's name was Mary (last name unknown); his grandfather was the Rev. Dr. John Burns, his wife was Jordan Probst. I have been told that William Burns, Sr. was married three times: Nancy Chandler, Sarah Bishop, and Lucy Angell. Of what I know about George, he never lived here in America. Our Burns family is very complicated.

I have been trying to find out which Burns' married Native Americans. There are specific charateristics of Native Americans and almost all of my family have them: i.e. shovel back teeth, crooked little fingers, large ears with heavy earlobes, toe next to big toe is longer than big toe, extra ridge of bone along outside of feet (if you run your finger along the outside of your feet and you feel a hump, that is an extra ridge of bone), oriental type eyes, etc. Would love to hear from. I enjoy your page.

Charles was mentioned as a "Senator" in the above narrative, but I think that was misinterpreted from the abbreviation "Sen." in his will indicating "Senior."
Robert Burns b. abt. 1590:
John Burns b. 1627 m. Hellen Lyon. They had:
John Burns b. 1659 m. Margaret Cuming. They had:
George BURNS b: 1680 in Scotland died 1755 m. Jordan Probst b. 1659. They had:

Charles Burns irth: 1717 in Scotland
Death: 1789 in Henry Cnty, VA
Will: after 3 Apr 1789 Henry County, Va
Death at Marrow Bone Creek, Henry County. Burial at Martinsville
Marriage 1 to Mary Webb, b 1729, Goochland, VA, divorced 1779
Marriage 2 in 1779 to Ann Rea, b abt 1761 VA, daughter of James Rea

Their children are:

Alexander (Sr) BURNS b: abt 1746 in Pittsylvania Cnty, VA
William BURNS b: abt 1756 in Pittsylvania, VA
Andrew BURNS b: abt 1758 in ? VA
Samuel BURNS b: 17 Sep 1754 in Halifax Cnty, Va
John BURNS b: in Virginia
Charles BURNS b: abt 1764 in Halifax Cnty, VA
Andrew S BURNS b: abt 1766 in Halifax Cnty, Va
Ann BURNS b: abt 1759 in Henry Cnty, Va

Mary Webb

Merriweather Wenn Merry WEBB

Mary Burns

Rev. Dr. John Burns

Unknown Burns Robert Burns John Burns Hellen Lyonn Rev. Dr. John Burns Margaret Cuming

Jordan Probst