Samuel B. Grimes

B: Abt 1790 North/South Carolina M: 10 Aug 1815 Shelby Co., Kentucky D: 1870-1880 , Crawford Co, IN, USA

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Probably child of Susan Goble

Probably children of Elizabeth Spears

Susan Goble

born abt. 1795 or 1800, North Carolina

Other sources indicate the name as "Coble."

Daughters Sarah (1811-1895) and Dicey (1837-1919) married brothers James (1819-1891) and Alonzo (1836-1912) Bennett (sons of William M. Bennett (abt. 1787-1860))

A son, John Grimes (1819-1899), married Susannah Brown.

Chuck Elledge attributes all children to Elizabeth Spears

Another reference (Kentucky, Statewide - Marriages early to 1800) indicates "Samuel Grimes m. Elizabeth Speer in Shelby Co., KY 10 Aug 1815." Given birth dates from aforementioned Elledge site, Sarah "Sally" Grimes seems to be the only child of Samuel and Susan. All others were born well after 1815. There is an eight year gap between Sarah and John.

Did Susan Goble die before 1815? Did they divorce?

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Leonard Grimes

B:  	1759
   	, , PA, USA
D:  	21 Oct 1833
   	Oldham Co., Kentucky
Leonard Grimes and Jan Vandeveer are listed as having 5 children Some sources indicate that Leonard Grimes was also married to a Barbary, and that Leonard Grimes, Jr., Abraham and Catherine are their children.

Jan Vandeveer

B: Abt 1760 Vandeveer References