Elizabeth Spears

B: 1790 South Carolina M: 10 Aug 1815 Shelby Co., Kentucky D: 1860-1870 , Crawford Co, IN, USA

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William Spears, Sr.

Born abt 1770

Susan Ridens

     |       /Joseph GENTRY
     \Ann GENTRY b: ABT 1750 d: UNKNOWN

Ann Gentry

Is this the same Ann Gentry? Link is John Ridens.


                                                    /John Gentry b: ABT 1510
                                             /Simon Gentry b: ABT 1549
                                             |      \Agnes v: ABT 1514
                                     /Samuel Gentry b: ABT 1585
                                     |       \Alice Finch b: ABT 1533
                             /Nathaniel Gentry b: 14 DEC 1617
                             |       \Elizabeth Wade b: 26 MAR 1587
                     /Nicholas Gentry b: ABT 1657 d: ABT 1710
                     |       |       /Raven
                     |       \Mary Raven
             /Samuel Gentry b: ABT 1692 d: AFT 1779
             |       \
     /Joseph Gentry b: ABT 1720 d: APR 1813
     |       |       /William Allen
     |       \Ann Allen b: ABT 1696 d: 1747
     |               \Lucy Harris
Anne Gentry b: ABT 1754
     |                                       /Thomas Shelton b: ABT 1606 d: 24 OCT 1683
     |                               /James Shelton b: ABT 1640 d: ABT 1720
     |                               |       \Hannah Wood b: ABT 1611 d: ABT 1684
     |                       /Peter Shelton b: 1655 d: 1 OCT 1718
     |                       |       |       /Edward Bathurst b: ABT 1615 d: 6 AUG 1674
     |                       |       \Mary Bathurst b: ABT 1630 d: AFT 1671
     |                       |               \Susan Rich b: ABT 1615
     |               /William Shelton c: 18 JAN 1679/80
     |               |       \Susan Jackson b: ABT 1659 d: ABT 1691
     |       /Thomas Shelton b: 26 JUN 1705 c: 29 JUL 1705 d: AFT 1788
     |       |       |       /Thomas Weatherstone b: ABT 1663
     |       |       \Margaret Weatherstone c: 6 MAY 1683
     |       |               \Margaret b: ABT 1663
     \Agnes Shelton b: ABT 1732 d: 30 SEP 1826
             \Lucy Austin b: ABT 1710

Joseph Gentry

Samuel Gentry

There are multiple Samuel Gentrys in this line, these genealogies contain many of the same names and relationships, but different dates

Ann Allen

b. 1696 d. 3 February 1745

Family: William Allen + Lucy Harris

However, this has her married to Lewis Delony, not Samuel Gentry, with son Henry Delony, b. 1723

Simon Gentry & Alice Finch

John Gentry


John GENTRY (RIN: 3248) was born abt. 1510 in Lindsell, Essex, England. Agnes (RIN: 3247) was born abt. 1514 in England.

Thomas Shelton

(b. 26 Jun 1705, d. Aft. 1778)

Edward Bathurst

aka Sir Edward Bathurst, Baronet
  1. The SICKELS Family Home Page - indicates only Mary Jane Bathurst as their child, and supports her marriage to James Shelton.
  2. Payton Family from Missouri - has daughter Mary Bathurst, mother of Peter Shelton, marrying Susannah Jaxson. The line then branches from Ralph Shelton.
  3. Rich Family - lists Susan Rich, b. 1615 with three husbands: Thomas Cooke, Edward Bathurst (m. 1644), Richard Jordan (m. 1674). Children with Edward include a Mary Jane.
  4. Edward BATHURST/Susan Rich (cragharris.com) - includes Mary BATHURST and James SHELTON. Following the descendants, it goes to Joseph Gentry and Agnes Shelton and branches at Samuel Gentry and Sarah BROCK. It does mention Anne Gentry b. 1754 as a child, but no additional information.
  5. Edward Bathurst/Susan Rich - indicates Susan Rich was 2nd wife of three, but does not mention daughter Mary.
  6. The Peerage - present a similar story, failing to mention Mary
  7. http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/t/u/r/Rachel-Turner-wa/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-0126.html - Includes additional children, including one name "Maria," but claims she "died unmarried." It also includes the marriage date for Edward and Susan between 1642-1644. Mary's purported birth date, according to others sources, was 1630
  8. STITH - indicates Launcelot, son of Edward, married Susan Rich, and their daughter Mary married thrice, to Francis Meriweather, Reuben Welch and Hon. John Robinson. Other sources indicate Launcelot a brother to Mary, and Susan his mother. This site also include the quote "The Bathursts settled near Bath after the Saxon Invasion having come from the Province of Lemburg at that time. The family is of quite ancient origin. Robert Bathurst was the son of Lawrence Bathurst who lived about 1460, the son of Lawrence, the son of Lawrence who was first mentioned about 1300."
  9. Susan Bathurst on geni.com - includes daughter Mary Shelton, but does not link beyond to a son, Peter.
  10. Manuscript of John Webb (1870) - turns up in a Google Search with references to "Lancelot Bathurst Giles Webb Nicholas Meriwether and Elizabeth Crawford Sir Edward Bathurst and Susan Rich Robert Bathurst and Elizabeth". The manuscript is images, so it is difficult to search for those references.
  11. Edward Bathurst & Susan Rich - links to Mary, and branches at John
  12. A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies - has some conflicting information, but may provide some additional clues. One possibility is that Mary is actually the daughter of his first wife, Anne Morris.
  13. Full text of "Virginia heraldica - being a registry of Virginia gentry entitled to coat armor, with genealogical notes of the families" - This computer transcription seems interesting. Need to see original source. Is Skelton "Shelton" some other words are obviously missing. The implication that someone was also married to Thomas Jefferson is intriguing.
    James Skelton. a gentleman of wealth and social prominence, was living in St. James Parish, Goochland, in 1735. He married Jane Meriwether, a daughter of Francis Meriwether and his wife, Mary Bathurst, who was a descendant of the ancient family of English Bathursts. The Skelton arms are engraved on old silver- ware now in possession of the Skeltons of Kentucky, which were brought from Virginia, and is also found on the book plate of Reuben Skelton, son of James Skelton. James and Jane Skelton had issue: (1) Reuben, clerk of St. Paul's Parish, Hanover county; (2) Meriwether of Hanover county, d.s.p.; (3) Lucy; (4) Sally, who married Col. Thomas Jones of Hanover county; (5) Bathurst, who married in 1766, Martha, daughter of John Wayles, lawyer, of Charles City. He died in 1769, leaving one child, who died in infancy. His widow, Martha Skelton, married, 2nd, 1 Jan., 1772, Thomas Jefferson, who was afterward President.
  14. Myers Genealogy Page - has a perspective from the Shelton side as well.
  15. The Baronetage of England, or the History of the English Baronets, and such - An online book, with Charts